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Monday Nov 7 - tomorrow's Election Day. I miss all of the political drama, Clinton and trump are on tv news but I don't understand what newscasters are saying about the candidates. I feel so out of touch; probably election withdrawal. Wifi is available to us once a day at a local hotel. Rained yesterday and today. Looks like rain all over France for next few days. I'm painting small paintings of the village and some paintings from my imagination. The town is looks like something out of a fairy tale. Of course, there are parts that look very modern as well ,but we don't go to that section of town. Dinan sits 35 stories above the river Rance and our studio "La Vignette " it's quite a climb up cobblestones roads wide enough for 1 1/2 cars.
We ate at our first river side Dinan restaurant just 1000 steps from the cottage. I had a Briton sausage galette, which is a buckwheat crepe rolled around a dried microwaved over cooked dry sausage. Yech! Marni had ham, egg, cheese and mushroom galette. The table wine was good, though. Back to cooking our own meals for a while. Fresh salmon, cassoulet, rice, salad with wonderful tomatoes topped with vinegar and olive oil.
Tonight is roast Greek chicken with roasted veggies.
Sampling of some of my paintings.
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Sunday November 6- I woke this morning at 10- ish because I wasn't able to get to sleep last night Weather is sunny one minute with sleet and rain the next. We went out to the English Garden in the historic section of Dinan to paint. The minute I set up my easel , the rain came.
Using watercolors I am trying different watercolor techniques and playing around with shapes, and palette colors. Quiet day here in the Port of Dinan being a Sunday. Good day for cup of Earl Grey tea and to stay inside most of the time. The cottage is cozy warm with wall space heaters in every room. Sitting at a local hotel using their wifi. Waiting for them to kick us out at some point, but so far so good.
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Friday, November 4 -I went down by the river early in the morning , walking along the banks of the river Rance , enjoying the sounds of the birds, sitting on a concrete bench in the warmth of the sun on what started out as a very cloudy, cold and windy day. I'm riding bikes with Marni along the river bank and enjoying the scenery very much. There are little buoys out on the water that have all different sorts of birds sitting atop everyone Many of the ducks in the lake are black. At first it seemed so deserted at first but the longer I bike ,the more people I'm seeing on this dirt walkway ; the old village men and women and young female joggers. Earlier this morning we had Quakers oatmeal that looked just like gray mushy porridge , nothing like the Quaker Oats in America. Thank goodness the fried apples on top along with the brown sugar and cinnamon and little bit of cream made it taste really yummy and pretty darn palatable. We can stay out here in the sunshine today as long as we can until the clouds build up again and the blue disappears. What are the French people as they pass by seem so serious and so deep in thought and seem to not dare look into your face for some unknown reason. But I'm saying bon noir to everybody I see . Sometim s they react with a little sparkle in their eye, it feels kind of nice. If I lived in Dinan all year round I might be smiling ear to ear from morning till dusk.
Ok. The rain is here, so I paint a few mini watercolors in the studio while I listen to Phantom of the Opera. Nice !
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