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Thanks for all your help. Unfortunately there is very sad news: 
Update: 4pm The body found in a Polish river earlier today has been identified as James Nolan – the 21-year-old Irish student missing in the city of Bydgoszcz – Polish media reported this afternoon.
James Nolan, may he rest in peace

UPDATE: Wednesday 20 June 12 noon:
The Department of Foreign Affairs say that Polish police searching for Irish soccer fan James Nolan have recovered a body. 

Irish soccer fan missing  Irlandzki fanem piłki nożnej brakuje #Ireland #Missingperson #Euro2012 #JamesNolan #FindJames

Anyone with information can contact the Irish consulate in Poznan 0048 880529105, gardaí or the Department of Foreign Affairs in Ireland 1890 426700.
The parents of James Nolan, a 21-year-old Irish soccer fan, who has been missing in Poland since Saturday night, have made an emotional appeal for help in finding him.
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This chap studies engineering in my institute, I know his lecturers are very worried for him. I hope he is found soon.
+Stephen Howell We are all worried. It is rare that RTE give headlines to a ‘missing person’. This has struck a chord with all of us, I hope James will be found soon. It is good to see the Polish people have been fantastic with their help. 
I hope your friend is found. Handsome chap. Good luck in the search. A young teen went missing in our community recently and sadly was found deceased & the community was hit hard by the loss. I hope this lad meets a better fate...
+Genny Hempstead I don’t know James personally but a friend of mine works with his sister. We are genuinely very concerned and worried in Ireland now and the interview with his parents was heart breaking. 
that is sooooo sad i hope you guys find him
Thanks everybody for all your help. Update Wednesday 20 June 9am
Members of James Nolan’s family, who have appealed to the public for information about his whereabouts, are expected in Bydgoszcz today. Yesterday, police reviewed CCTV footage and searched a number of locations, including a wooded area around the hotel where Mr Nolan and his friends were staying. Police divers using specialist equipment searched stretches of the Brda river, which runs through the city, and are expected to resume their search this morning.
+Jenna Hamre Thanks so much. No, I didn’t know James personally but a friend worked with his sister. This is Ireland where everybody knows everybody and a tragedy is a national tragedy. 
sad... hopefully the family has relatives and friends who help them with their grief
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