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Eileen Anderson
Passionate, committed, amateur dog trainer. I use the Humane Hierarchy to make decisions about training methods.
Passionate, committed, amateur dog trainer. I use the Humane Hierarchy to make decisions about training methods.

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6 Common Dog Training Errors

Some of my most popular posts are about common training errors. It seems that I have an infinite supply, and I’m willing to use myself as a naughty example. New errors keep popping into my consciousness (and my training) all the time. In this post I’m…

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A Gift from My Mother and the Pillbugs

My mother had Alzheimer’s. She passed away in 2012. I was a loved and indulged child and my mother and I were very close. I had the usual adolescent fallings out, and a rather less usual falling out when I was an adult, and I didn’t see her for many…

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Body Language Study: Fear and What Else?

I had my camera running at just the right time this week. I just love this clip of Summer interacting with…wildlife. Nobody got hurt. But I should add that it was rather foolish of me to allow this interaction at all. You never know what might be living…

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Pushing Back: What is the Opposition Reflex Really?

Thank you to Debbie Jacobs and Randi Rossman who made suggestions about this. All conclusions and any errors are my own.  Have you heard the term “opposition reflex” used in dog training? It’s used pretty often. But recently I got to wondering whether the…

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Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever? But We Live in NJ!

Guest post by Kate LaSala, CTC It’s the start of tick season here in the Northeast and I’ve been reflecting on last year’s tick season and how we almost lost our sweet BooBoo. So in the interest of raising awareness and saving lives, I share with you our…

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Introducing a Puppy and a Sound Sensitive Dog: Preparation Pays Off

Last month I posted to show how Marge Rogers introduced a friendly but possibly overenthusiastic dog to a very small puppy. But what if the challenge were a little different? What if your resident dog were both fearful of new dogs and sound…

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Silence is...Scary?

Trigger warning: animal experimentation (mice). This post is not directly about dogs, but it’s about something we see happening in the dog world very frequently. That is the misunderstanding and misapplication of research results. This particular example…

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Canine Cognitive Dysfunction Print Book Released

I’ve reached another milestone in this process. My book is out in paperback! Remember Me? Loving and Caring for a Dog with Canine Cognitive Dysfunction,            by Eileen Anderson   Canine cognitive dysfunction is extremely under-diagnosed, and most of…

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Introducing a Puppy and an Adult Dog: Take it Slow

Remember “Lessons for My Puppy,” my collaboration with Marge Rogers? She made some videos that I loved so much that I wrote blog posts to go with them. Marge is still out there working with dogs and making great videos, and I’m featuring another one…

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Yelling at My Dogs

The “yelling” question comes up regularly for positive reinforcement-based trainers. “Am I a bad person if I yell at my dogs?” “Is it positive punishment to yell at my dogs?” And the accusatory version, “Do you NEVER yell at your dogs? Of course you do!…
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