Unplugging from the Stream

This streamy image can be found here: http://www.bgiwasteservices.net/about.php :)

On Thursday, April 5 +HEATHER FAY will also be a guest on +Hangout Conversations with +matthew rappaport

On Wednesday April 11th +Brooke Brown is hosting a Hangout On-Air about NASCAR on the +SportsChat.TV stream

Tune into +FRIDAY NIGHT SESSIONS - Every Friday Night starting at 10:00pm EDT with your 80s VJ +Sean Cowen - add the page, so that you don't miss the fun, and thanks to Sean for keeping the Stream hopping every week :)

Be sure to follow +Google Shared Calendar Events and you can find these events and more listed in one convenient location :)

Each Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday from 10:00pm - 12:00am, join +Artists In The Plus for their Video Showcase featuring some of the amazing musical talent we have here on Google +

Every Friday at 4:30pm EDT join The Weekly Tech Hangout hosted by +Karl Hughes (on his profile)

Every Sunday you can learn how to cook a fresh and tasty Caribbean meal with +Larry Fournillier and hosted by +Melvin Little on his profile :)

To those folks who circled me today or circled me back, thank you, and I hope that I get to talk with you soon!

Take care of yourselves and each other fellow +Plussers, and Ride the Stream while I dream :)

I'm looking for some similar images from G+ photographers or graphics to include in my Unplugging from the Stream posts every night (ok most nights :)), so if you have images that represent light streams, streams of consciousness, jet streams, just regular old streams ... please let me know (just + me in the post or album). I'd like to use G+ photographers rather than random images from the web

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