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Eileen A. McAllister

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We are here to love, not judge.

#equality #love #judgenot #greattimetobealive
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I am going for my B.A. in Christian Studies.
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Eileen A. McAllister

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Guess what I'm doing ...
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Taking rest
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Eileen A. McAllister

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The app wouldn't let me share to public earlier, so I'm sharing my own private share ... #shareception ?
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The great Belgian surrealist Magritte painted two versions of one of his masterpieces, and nobody has been able to distinguish the original from the copy. Until now.
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I don't want to do my effing homewok ... sigh

Eyes on the prize, eyes on the prize, ...

Thanks to +Ryan Van Sickle, whose music is helping me calm down and focus :)

#universallanguage #music #iloveyouRVS #nothingwithoutmyfriends #withalittlehelp 
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Yes ... I am attending Grand Canyon University.
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Eileen A. McAllister

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I'm still alive ;)
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Me too!  ;)
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Eileen A. McAllister

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Who should it be today? I'm taking suggestions along with song suggestions to punch to ;)

#nostress #workitout #workbitch 
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Eileen A. McAllister

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Eileen A. McAllister

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Forget not that the earth delights to feel your bare feet and the winds long to play with your hair.
~Khalil Gibran
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+Eileen A. McAllister  that's when you head to the beach :) or barefoot on your  freshly watered green lawn
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I want this here!
Google's new Moonshot: Lining city streets with Wi-Fi hubs

Today, Sidewalk Labs (owned by Google) announced it would be leading the acquisition of two companies behind New York City’s LinkNYC initiative, an ongoing plan to convert old pay phones into free public Wi-Fi hubs. Through the acquisition, Sidewalk Labs is merging the two companies—Control Group, which provides the interface for the new hubs, and Titan, which is overseeing the advertising that will pay for the project. The new venture, aptly named Intersection, will seek to bring free public Wi-Fi to cities around the world using different pieces of urban infrastructure, from pay phones to bus stops.
Google's new Sidewalk Labs wants to bring free public Wi-Fi projects to cities around the world.
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New to Me

A friend turned me onto this band today, and sent me links to two of their other songs. I loved them, and wanted to hear more, so this is the third song of their's that I heard.

It's powerful, and it made me cry in shame and impotence.

#reduce #reuse #recycle #Disturbed #DrinkMoreGood #wrongeffingsongfirsttime
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Thanks for the mention of #DrinkMoreGood.+Drink More Good should be recognized for their social conscience and support of clean water through  By the way, they also make an awesome product!
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Eileen A. McAllister

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Useful for scanning handwritten notes and documents, the OCR (Optical Character Recognition) integrated with Google Drive has been extended to allow interpretation of documents in over 200 languages. To use OCR capabilities offered by Google Drive is enough to select an image or PDF document using Google Docs open option. Similarly, Google Drive app for …
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Eileen A. McAllister

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Goodbye Dear One

You will be missed, but your music remains to ensure you are never forgotten.

#bbking #thethrillisgone  
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