Making +Post ads part of the conversation

In the two months since the beta launch of +Post ads, we’ve been excited to see brands around the world experiment with this new way to start conversations with audiences across the web - from +Toyota USA launching the 2014 Corolla, to +Best Buy and +Topman promoting interactive shopping experiences on Google+. 

This past week, we partnered with +The White House and Ad Blitz advertisers to test two new features that help partners engage people around key cultural moments. 

1. Live Hangouts: Last Friday, President Obama “traveled” across the country via Google+ Hangouts to talk with constituents about issues from his State of the Union address. +Post ads raised awareness for the event, let people watch the interview live, and tune in afterwards, all from display ads across the web. The live Hangout On Air portion of the ads drove an incremental 500 hours in watch time for the interview. 

2.  Ad Blitz voting: +Audi USA  +Wonderful Pistachios  & +American Family Insurance  tested +Post ads as a way to get more reach and social engagement for their Super Bowl commercials. We also updated +Post ads to allow people to vote for these commercials in YouTube Ad Blitz - right from the ad creative - potentially giving the brands even more exposure.

Stay tuned for more updates as partners continue to test interesting +Post ads campaigns. 
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