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Ehtesham Shaikh
Desire to be an Entrepreneur
Desire to be an Entrepreneur

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Dear All,

My clients has million pages website, Checked few of those pages manually and found does not have GA code incorporated in it.

Is there any tool that would help in knowing which of my pages missing GA code?

Check in Screaming Frog but could not find anything.


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Hi All,

Want to know what could be the reason for sudden increase in crawl rate?

Attachment for reference.

Thanks In Advance

Website indexing problem - Cache: Text-only Version

Hi All,

I checked it displays the page the way it displays to users. When i saw in text only version and view source version all the links in the navigation menus are just the text there is no links linked to it.

What could be the problem? and how to resolve this?

Thanks in Advance,

Hi All,

Want to create Wikipedia page for one of my client please let me know what are the things should I consider so that they do not remove my page.
Things like do i need to register with company email like
Fresh content? etc.


Hi SEOs,

What if i open the same website link in new window does it count as bounce rate?


Again a Dumb Question

Is fan page url matters in SEO?

Started a new website and want to create social pages/profiles so what should I keep the url for my FB page and Twitter handle?

Simply go ahead with the
website name
website name + .com
website name + keyword


Hi All,

A stupid requirement from my client.

My client has an e-commerce website (SINGLE PAGER) asked me to rank for queries like car battery, bike battery, inverter battery, marine battery and so on...

I told him that it is not possible in single pager but still he wants to do it because someone else told him.

I just want to know is it possible or has 0.001% chance to target such queries on single page website?


Hi All,

This is in regards to a tool.

I recently heard about a tool called Linkdex and need some opinion from users who heard or used this tool.


I am not able to generate sitemap.xml for my site what could be the possible reason? Do I need to add a separate code?
PS. I tried adding my site to xml sitemap generator tool.

Could someone please help me in getting free article submission site list?
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