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Who are your 50 Most Relevant People in Google+?

The awsome people in this photo are the 50 most relevant people in my circles. In order to create such a photo and appreciate your awsome special ones, do this:

Step 1:
Head over to and install the latest version of circloscope premium (v2013.5.18) on your chrome browser.

Step 2:
Open circloscope by clicking on the icon on your chrome toolbar. And go to "Action > Visualize > 50 Most Relevant".

Step 3:
Take a screenshot of your 50 most relevant people and edit the photo as you like :-)

Step 4 (optional):
You can notify them as well using circloscope by:
1- Filter > Sort By > Relevance (Z-a)
2- Select the first 50 thumbnails by mouse dragging
3- Action > Export Selected > to TXT
4- Open the resulting file and copy-paste Google+ ids to your post.

Step 5:
Publish the post with these instructions, your 50 most relevant photo, the notifications (optional) and this hashtag  #50mostrelevant

======= My 50 Most Relevant =======
Circloscope   +Circloscope
Vahid Online   +Vahid Online
Jaana Nystrom   +Jaana Nyström
martin shervington   +martin shervington
Derek Shepherd   +Derek Shepherd
Cesare Riccardo   +Cesare Riccardo
Jens Graikowski   +Jens Graikowski
Graeme McRae   +Graeme McRae
Paul Simbeck-Hampson   +Paul Simbeck-Hampson
Luc Suy   +Luc Suy
Greg Dixon   +Greg Dixon
Giovanni Totaro   +Giovanni Totaro
Onkar Singh Gujral   +Onkar Singh Gujral
Dirk Talamasca   +Dirk Talamasca
CircleCount   +CircleCount
Visnja Zeljeznjak   +Visnja Zeljeznjak
Ralph Gauthier   +Ralph Gauthier
Max Huijgen   +Max Huijgen
Walter Soestbergen   +Walter Soestbergen
Michael Tomlinson   +Michael Tomlinson
Euro Maestro   +Euro Maestro
Shirley Lord   +Shirley Lord
Alex Garcia   +Alex Garcia
Denis Labelle   +Denis Labelle
Greg Loechel   +Greg Loechel
Chris Robinson   +Chris Robinson
Claude Rieth   +Claude Rieth
Tom Voute   +Tom Voute
Jens Eckleben   +Jens Eckleben
Jim Munro   +Jim Munro
Timothy Coxon   +Timothy Coxon
Navil Almazi   +Navil Almazi
Gailen Mapes   +Gailen Mapes
Matt Massaro   +Matt Massaro
Gideon Rosenblatt   +Gideon Rosenblatt
Siegfried Hirsch   +Siegfried Hirsch
Linus O'Neill   +Linus O'Neill
Kamran v. Kleist   +Kamran v. Kleist
Elena Shelev   +Elena Shelev
Wilco Wings   +Wilco Wings
Claudio Golia   +Claudio Golia
Alexander Bosika   +Alexander Bosika
Stephan Hovnanian   +Stephan Hovnanian
Andre . .Sokolov   +Andre . .Sokolov
Annette Junge Daugaard   +Annette Junge Daugaard
Mark S   +Mark S
Gustavo Partal   +Gustavo Partal
Gareth Evans   +Gareth Evans
Ruud Hein   +Ruud Hein
Jennifer Ruggiero   +Jennifer Ruggiero
========= My 50 Most Relevant======
Jens Eckleben's profile photoMelissa Blythe's profile photoVahid Online's profile photoMostafa Safavi's profile photo
I don't have "Action > Visualize" as an option. I only see 2 Action options available. Is this a paid premium feature I wonder?
Lin us
hahah woop :D
I would not have thought I'd be in there ^_^
Thankyou, your the one that has done the work!!>>Thankyou to you...
+Greg Loechel +Linus O'Neill Google+ is the platform for engagement. And relevance is the product of engagement. So, I thank you all for the great experience you made for me in this awsome environment :-)
that's weird! ... when i view this post on my notification page it only shows up to ... do this: ... no expand link, nothing ... i had to open the post by clicking on the time stamp to see the rest of it ... :-/ ...

anyway, +Ehsan Ahmadi Gharacheh ... this looks like a nifty feature ... will try it out this afternoon when i have more time ... well done, mate! ... ;-) ...
Thanks, +Jens Graikowski. Happened to me a few days ago. Cleard the cache and everything worked fine again.... Waiting to hear your ideas on this and other cool visualizations that should be implemented :-)
What about showing the 50 most relevant selected people?
it's a nice little feature btw ... just used it for a post ... i find the export of the profiles rather cumbersome though ... can it be done to just copy them to the clipboard and, if possible, just the IDs without the names? ...
+Visnja Zeljeznjak +Graeme McRae +Jens Graikowski +Luc Suy 
More visualizations are underway... with various options (including the target: selected / all, relevance threshold and more), photo export, auto-generation of the post, and in-line notifs; So, keep in touch :-)
+Jens Graikowski I'll consider your feedack on the exports as well. And for the relevance issues, I recommend you searching the circloscope community for "score". A lot of insightful discussions between our power users were going on there on the subject :-)
Hi +Ehsan Ahmadi Gharacheh , short question: When I use the Engagement filter, I get no results. Has this todo with the Import dfata -> Activities function? Nobody is eligible for activity checking!
you have to load ripples first to get engagement data +Wilco Wings ...

import data > ripples > enter URL of post you want data for ...

up to now you can't enter multiple posts at once, but you can analyse the date of multiple posts you have entered together ... hope that helps ... ;-) ...
I noticed it earlier this morning +Ehsan Ahmadi Gharacheh great job done here :-) the last steps how to get them selected is great.

Would it possible to add your own ammount 100 / 200 for a feature request ;-)

ps 2:
A higher resoluition would be nice too (lear bigger) upscalling is making it very worse (750 x 750 pixels would be great)
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