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So basically the Higgs Boson is a hot blonde wearing a bikini at a frat party who everyone wants to get with? or maybe its just a popstar?

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Google Glass Walk

Yesterday we were lucky enough to be able to take a very small group of our friends on a very special photo walk where they could try out +Project Glass.

I think the general reaction for anyone who got to put them on was whoah, we're in the future already it's such an exciting project and to imagine what will be possible with these in the future, is like reading a scifi story, to me it's right up there with self driving cars and jet packs, apparently the future really is now!

I managed to get a few fun shots of +Sergey Brin, +RC Concepcion, +Peter Hurley, +Colby Brown, +Brian Matiash, +jordon yates, +Barry Blanchard, +Trey Ratcliff, +Brian Rose and some of the Glass team members during the walk.

Thanks for joining us everyone, it was a hella fun time imagining what the future will look like with all of you!

I couldn't resist including a meta shot of Sergey showing a photo he took of me with Google Glass of me taking a photo of him

Oh and I wasn't nervous taking +Peter Hurley's portrait at all, I mean he's only one of the best portrait photographers in the world right?
Google Glass Walk (25 photos)
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With great effort, I've compiled a list of more than 500 posts published by many authors about How to Use Google+.

The Directory contains posts related to Google+ Tips, Tutorials, Guides and a few Personal Experiences of Top Users.


Link to the Google Spreadsheet :


Link to the HTML View :


Suppose you want to learn something about a Google+ functionality / feature.

» FIRST, you Open the Directory on your Browser.
[Better if you use the HTML view ]

» SECOND, open the Search Box.
Use " Ctrl + F " or " F3 " to open.

» THIRD, Enter your Search Term(s).
Shorter the better. Only use multiple terms to Search if you know the post exactly
eg:- If you want to learn about Your Google+ Profile, Search for Profile

» FOURTH, Click on the link relevant to the Post.

FINALLY, Read it, +1 it, Share it, & Thank the Publisher.....................

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Now you can make a nick name for your Google+ Profile

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