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Check out Denver's app!
Today Budget Buddy hit the 500+ downloads... who would have thought.

Thank you to all who gave feedback and helped make Budget Buddy a success and thank you to GOD for the idea and ability to do it...

1000 downloads here we come ;)

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This electric car battery could charge in just five minutes

An Israeli startup is setting its sights on creating a battery for electric cars that charges in just five minutes. If they meet their goal, the battery would be able to power a car for hundreds of miles in a single charge. StoreDot, founded in 2012, has already developed the FlashBattery for Smartphones that can fully charge in less than a minute. The startup has raised $66 million which it plans to use to get their FlashBattery technology into electric cars.

StoreDot describes their battery as a sponge, which soaks up electricity like a sponge soaks up water. The technology is based on peptides that have been turned into energy-storing nanotubes. The nanotubes, affectionately named Nanodots by the company, can soak up huge amounts of electricity all at once. Using around 7,000 of these Nanodots, they have promised to create an EV battery that goes the distance.

Read more: This electric car battery can charge in just five minutes | Inhabitat - Sustainable Design Innovation, Eco Architecture, Green Building 

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Bring back Geek.Share()??
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Yo Geeks and Geekettes! Steve Jobs is my hero! Bill Gates is a part of history that died before Steve Jobs did. 

I spend my days in .Net working as a consultant for Business Connexion.
I'm familiar with all the .NET frameworks, SQL Server etc.... anything Microsoft really. 

I do like being on the cutting edge of things and i like exploring new things (such as blender etc....)

Drop me a line if you have anything interesting to say ;)

Seeing as February is now drawing to a close.... my suggestion for the month of March is - Mobile!

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Uploading Geek.Share() Videos

When uploading videos to the Geek.Share() community…. The following applies

Videos should be posted in the Monthly Shares Tab
Under the appropriate month.

If Geeks wish to enter the monthly prize the following rules apply

1. Videos must relate to the topic of the month
2. Videos must be <= 10 minutes
3. Only one entry can be submitted for the prize
4. Video must contain the tags #Month #theme #Prize
5. All presentations must be submitted 7 days before month end e.g.  21 Feb for the month of February
6. Last 7 days reserved  for online pole
7. Keep an eye out for the prizes  in the Monthly prize tab
8. Winners will be announced  in "Geek Of The Month" tab
9. Entries from within Port Elizabeth, South Africa is preferable, prizes for winners outside of Port Elizabeth but within South Africa will be shipped to them. Unfortunately entries outside of South Africa is not eligible for the prize, but presentations are most welcome.
11. A good Example of an entry is listed in the image below

May the force be with you as you find your inner geek!
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Uploading Geek.Share() Videos

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Egon Allison hung out with 2 people. <a class='ot-hashtag' href=''>#hangoutsonair</a>delicia kammies and Dayne Joseph

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