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Efoghor Joseph Ezie
All men are born equal, some only have more opportunities than the others.
All men are born equal, some only have more opportunities than the others.

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Polish Central Bank Sponsors Campaign Against Cryptocurrency
The Central bank of Poland sponsored a campaign directed at smearing the image of cryptocurrency and prevent investors from investing in it.
Do you think the recent attacks from government, banks and other institutions are capable of destroying #Bitcoin and other #Altcoins in the long run?
Please, share your views.

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The Government of Malta is providing a conducive environment for cryptocurrency business, in what is simply termed "Peace of mind" to enable crypto businesses to thrive in the country.
While several countries are pushing for the proscription of cryptocurrency, Malta is seeing something good in the digital coins and is therefore, creating a serene atmosphere to make the business grow.

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Prices of Cryptos Could Drop To Zero
+Vitalik Buterin has warned his twitter followers to be careful while investing in cryptos as the value of their asset could plummet to zero at any time.
The prices of cryptocurrencies have remained unpredictable as a result of market volatility.
But what do you think? Should we continue to invest in cryptos? Should we diversify to traditional assets?
Please share your opinions
#CryptoValue #CryptopPrices #TraditionalAssets #CryptoVolatility

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The Prices of Cryptocurrencies Could Drop To Zero
+Vitalik Buterin has warned his followers to apply caution while investing in #Cryptos as prices could drop to zero at any time due to the volatility of the market.
Prices of cryptocurrencies have remain highly unpredictable all the times.
Check out this [post and share your opinions.
#CryptocureencyPrices #CryptoInvestments #PriceVolatility #CryptoRisk

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Bank of Thailand Regulates Cryptocurrencies
The Central Bank of Thailand has joined the league of banks muzzling cryptocurrency.
Now that the number of countries restricting cryptocurrency is growing, what do you think is the future of crypto?
Does this portend danger for crypto or does it have something positive at the end?
Please, share your views.
#Cryptocurrencies #Cryptoregulation #CryptoRestriction

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Experts predict Bitcoin price to Hit $50,000 in 2018
The cryptocurrency market has been painted red in recent weeks
Bitcoin's price plummeted from over $20,000 to below $6,000
Ripple and the rest altocins all went down in values.
However, in the midst of this, experts are projecting Bitcoin's price to hit $50,000 by year end.
Do you really think this is possible?
Share your opinions on this.
#Bitcoin #BitcoinpriceRise #BitcoinValue

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How Not To Get Your Fingers Burned By ICOs
have you been investing in ICOs recently?
It's a good thing to invest in what is trending
But do you know that there are a lot of fraudulent ICOs just as we have genuine ones?
This post shows you how to play safe with iCOs
Make sure you read it before investing in the next ICO
#ICOs #ICOSafety #ICOInvesting #InvestInICOs

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Experts Say Bitcoin's Price Will Reach $50,000 in 2018
Are you a Bitcoin investor or simply an onlooker?
Have you been worried about the recent price slump in the cryptocurrency market?
Well, there is hope for you because experts are predicted an unprecedented price rise that could get up to $50,000 by year end.
Start buying low now and sell when price improves.
#BitcoinPriceRise #Bitcoin #Cryptocurrency #BitcoinValue

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Bitcoin Expected To Rise To $50,000 in 2018
Though the price signals may be red at the moment, experts are saying that Bitcoin's price is likely to rise up to $50,000 in 2018.
Should you wait to be told later or should that make you to wake up from your slumber and start investing?
#Bitcoin #BitcoinPrice #BitcoinRise #BitcoinValue #Bitcoin2018

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The Ultimate Bitcoin Guide
Do you want to invest in cryptocurrency but are confused as to what Bitcoin and the other altcoins are all about?
Don't worry! With this guide, you can now get the right information that you need to start off your cryptocurrency trading.
It gives insight into what Bitcoin is, the number of people who hold the coin, the growth of bitcoin, how it has made people rich, how you can acquire some bitcoins, etc.
Check it out.
#Bitcoin #BitcoinGuide #BitcoinWealth #MakeMoneyWithBitcoin #BitcoinTrading
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