Weekly overview (2018, week 09): 4 new brands and 14 new pedals https://buff.ly/2I3rCzn

4 new brands

Balaguer Guitars

Benson Amps

Black Volt Amplification

Blackberry JAM

14 new effects

Balaguer Guitars BG-Drive - Preamp/Overdrive

Benson Amps Preamp

Billionaire (by Danelectro) Cash Cow - Overdrive

Black Volt Amplification Maple Fuzz

Black Volt Amplification VFuzz

Blackberry JAM Blackcurrant

Blackberry JAM Lemongrass

Blackberry JAM Rosemary Rex

Dr. No Colossus - Ruben Block signature Booster + Octavia

Iskrem Electro Little Tree - Overdrive / Exciter

Malekko Downer - Wave Folder / Saturation / Octave Filter

Malekko Heavy Industry Thicken - Multi-Tap Delay/Chorus

ModTone MT-ACP Acoustic Preamp / EQ / Multi-Effect

Origin Effects RevivalDRIVE

Overviews of the previous weeks: https://buff.ly/2FRAvvj

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