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Do you want to spark your creativity? Do you want to discover your talents? Do you want to find ways to turn your passion into "cash in?" Do you know how to reset your financial aspirations and find new sources of income?

Well, you can. And you have the power to shape your future, financial and otherwise. This will help. Please take a look.
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Apparently this song was created by a band who worked with sound therapists specifically to create a song that triggered calm and relaxation in the listener.
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Insight into the creation of self help audio series The Love Tapes by Bob Griswold. Still very popular after all these years.
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Here are some great thought starters. Rate yourself in these 15 different areas and think about what you can do differently. Most of them boil down to having positive thought habits, Self-Esteem, and Self-Confidence. Hope it helps you be happier!
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How to use positive affirmations to make real changes in your life! It's pretty easy to find lists of positive affirmations. And occasionally the lists are actually pretty well-written. But getting the value out of positive affirmations is more than just finding a list and reading it. To really benefit, you have to use them the right way. This article should help.
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Welcome To The Home Of Effective Learning Systems On Google+
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Making Self Improvement Easy, Fun and Rewarding
Since 1972 we have pioneered powerful techniques for helping people reach their true potential. Our books and audio programs have been perennial bestsellers at national bookstores such as Borders and Barnes & Noble.


Our mission is to research and develop programs – incorporating the most powerful, scientifically sound techniques – to help you use the power of your mind to achieve your goals and realize significant positive changes in your life.

Company Overview

Since 1972 our founder, Bob Griswold, has been pioneering techniques for developing human potential. His unique approach to guided imagery, deep relaxation, self-hypnosis and other methods have been extremely successful.

By working with over 50,000 people in seminars and workshops, we have learned what works and what doesn’t work when helping people achieve their goals and make changes in their lives.

To reinforce what they had learned in the seminars, students began asking for audio tapes of the sessions. Not long after, we learned that when they sent the tapes to their friends and relatives, they too were getting great results! So, in order to help as many people as possible we began to market them nationally, and eventually, internationally.

Our first product line was a series of audio programs titled The Love Tapes®, which help you use your mind to do anything you choose.

We also have an Effective Meditations™ series, and two additional series designed for use in a car, jogging or other activities. The While-U-Drive® series and the Music Affirmations™ series are specifically designed For Busy People™ who just don't seem to have enough time to improve their personal goals.

The success of these programs has made us the leading provider of self-help audio programs. Our audio programs have been a fixture on the Barnes and Noble bestseller list for the better part of the last 2 decades and have sold millions via mail order and the Internet. With this success, we are proud to have helped hundreds of thousands of people improve their lives and reach their goals.

We have continued to serve as consultants to private industry and government on an on-going basis. We have also presented many health and human development conferences and workshops at the University of Minnesota and other colleges featuring world-renowned speakers such as Norman Cousins, Bernie Siegel, R. Buckminster Fuller, Karl Menninger, Carl Simonton, Gerald Jampolsky, Wayne Dyer, Joyce Brothers and many others. Many of these prominent authorities became members of ELS's Board of Advisers, and contributed a great deal of their knowledge to our programs. We thank them all for their guidance and, most importantly, their friendship.

And we thank you, too, for your loyal support over the past thirty years of helping people help themselves.
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