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Quickness tests.
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Valery Lavrov

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Easy way to convert YouTube music into mp3 format.
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Valery Lavrov

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Basketball development observation.
How many times we hear from kids or older I cannot do that or this, I don’t know how.  And more problematic one is when athlete could not perform certain skill. Let`s assume weak hand shot, lay up or dribble etc. For the reason that he/she accustomed to do it the way he/she have been taught. That is much greater obstacle to deal in skill development. And would take considerable time to change it.
Therefore when you as a coach or parent start to teach you kid do it right way do not leave huge gaps in skill development process. No need to even mention that he/she have dominant hand, develop both at once. If he/she like go left make him/her go right as well. In the early stages it will not make any difference to kid, but it will change whole concept of future development.
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Valery Lavrov

Shooting  - 
Shooting - little brainstorm for my future clinic.

What most important feature of shot? Consistency.
Next obvious question coming in to mind - Where consistency come from? 
Sure thing most would answer practice and practice again with some will add proper technique along with practice. 
Let’s look deeper when inconsistency become apparent?  
Most of the time problem become apparent when athlete become tired and some part of the body responsible for shot falling to produce constant input into shoot. 
For the sake of simplicity mental aspects of the shooting even if it is a huge part of shoot development we skip for now. 
Off topic can we limit mental aspect of the shot – I believe it possible by making shooting automatic reaction to situation. Can it be practice sure it can be done and many doing it already not even acknowledging it. Anyway it not our main topic so we move on skipping this part for now.

Next question what part of the body would fatigue first? 
For most athletes it would be legs. Now we have two part upper and lower. No matter how much work you put in to development of upper leg muscles it will tired first under stress (it not the reason not to practice in contrary you have to). 
Now this is my thought why not to emphasize calves in shooting development. One of the reasons why I come to this is by watching Ray Allen and his shot technique anyone can spot what part of his legs he using most. For Ray Allen to be #1 in NBA history in 3 points made you must be consistent with your shot.
From that I conclude that calf’s very important part of shoot development and need to emphasize in training sessions as much as upper body. 
PS. Shooting practice that I had seen be it old school new always put accent and concentration on upper body arms, elbow, head, eye, back, feet position, body position, shooting line, balance, timing, fingers, palm, guiding hand position, release, angels, negative motion and much more little details when and how no one never concerned to develop legs first and make it obvious that is part of the shoot development that cannot be skipped. But if you ask any good coach what part legs play in shooting they would tell you – “about 50% of the shot”. How is that possible?

By Coach Valery.   
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Valery Lavrov

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Recently I been asked question what I prefer to do to coach team or individually work with athletes. So here is my reply.

That is very interesting question. 5-7 year ago I would prefer individual work over team approach. Now I say Individual work easy and produce fast results with a good coach. In 3 sessions we could cover great deal of skill development and pay attention to tiny details that is make big difference along with fast progress towards pre-set goals.  
And now team approach, first I would like to mention that I change my approach to team development. In the beginning I use to evaluate team and from that point I pick certain combinations that fit good for team roster based on what we got big or small, good shooters or slashers (cutters) who could finish at the rim etc. That called coach controlled offense or coach controlled system ether way teams run play after play after play and coach call plays so you see that is 100% coach control system.
Now after spending years studying in depth many very much similar  system such R&R, Dribble Drive, SAS offense, and motion in details with old flex I have chances to use it in my team practices. Yes it take time yes it much harder to teach and It consuming  wast amount of time to prepare just individual session not even talking about year development program some times planning take more time than I coach  on the floor, but it make huge difference in basketball IQ development of athlete.  I still have plenty of control over play by choosing roles and priorities in offense, but players getting to the point when they can make better decision on the floor over any set play.
And now conclusion time for team development 80% 20% individual work in certain position to fast forward skill development. And 100% practice planning.  That my current status and notion. It could change because I still reading and learning.
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Valery Lavrov

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Short video about very fast development and execution of the new skill. Reason that skill development looking effortless is proper foundation.
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Valery Lavrov

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Speed Agility and Quickness development

Speed – It is the maximal velocity that can be reached by part or all of the body. It has to do with moving your limbs, including legs and arms, in such a way that you can move as fast as possible within a straight line.

Agility - It is the ability to rapidly change the body’s momentum from one direction to another. This requires either acceleration in any direction from dead stop or deceleration in the direction one is traveling and acceleration in a new direction. In addition to the ability to accelerate, agility requires a certain degree of flexibility, which aids in going over, under, and around obstacles.

Agility it is not something you can get through building your lower body alone. Instead, you need to have a powerful and well-defined core.

 Quickness - it is rapid responses to your overall bodily awareness in other words instant reflexive reactions.

 Important to remember that biggest improvement in quickness would be proper execution/technique

Why it that so important for speed, agility and quickness.  Properly executed drills allows the body and limbs to achieve bio-mechanically advantageous positions for optimal force production, thereby increasing speed of movement.

 Reaction Time

As basketball players we need to react to stimulation fast. So many things happening every second on the floor and our ability to react properly is determined by our senses such as: seeing, hearing, feeling, equilibrium, defensive or offensive system comprehension, ability to predict next probable move by defense or offense, etc. Our ability to react effectively and quickly in many ways, is determined by our concentration and awareness with are parts of the mental training.

After our senses collected information if will takes time to our brain to proceed and make right decision that is send the electronic signal telling our body what to do.

Throwing here data form researches so you as reader get profound understanding how important proper training is.

190 milliseconds (0.19 seconds).  The amount of time it takes a college-aged person to react a visual stimulus

140 - 160 milliseconds (0.16 seconds). The amount of time it takes a college-aged person to react to a sound stimulus

 Next two line pointing that we have no time to loose go practice now.

0 - late 20s. The ages during which simple reaction time shortens (get faster)

Late 20s – 50s & 60s. The ages during which simple reaction time slowly increases (gets slower)

 My intention to keep it simple as always end up in utter failure and in contrary article getting more and more complex I see it like a side effect of my desire to dig deeper in details sharing my thoughts alone the way. So now let’s define two kinds of reaction.

Simple reaction (hearing a command) and a single response (running) Simple reacting is used when we know or planning what we want to do and are just waiting for the stimulation.

For instance athlete attacking left foot of defensive player with fake crossover, glance that direction or shoulder shake etc. expecting that defender get unbalanced and that would lead to openings.

Complex reaction - choice reaction (hearing the sound of the ball or voice of teammate calling to you or visually collecting data). Complex reacting is used when athlete don’t know the kind of stimulation to expect and athlete don’t know the kind of response he/she needs to deal within situation.

For instance: player dribbling at some point defense player reaching in, few reaction could occur such as spin, crossover, pivot, behind the back etc. As you can see now is a complex reaction that require to choose one of many counter moves that suites situation.

Complex reactions can be improved by correctness of athlete initial position and further response to the situation with proper technique and correct counter respond.

Improvement that could be achieved through game like simulation (drilling).

Another huge part of complex reaction time improvements is – you have guessed right… experience.  Through drilling our body and mind learns to distinguish and filter incoming data.  Let us glance at a simple example. Assuming athlete received pass on top of the key, right after he/she got the ball multiple choose decision surfaced up, now athlete faced with multiple choose to make (let`s narrow our pool of many choices to only 2). First is to shoot right away and second is to wait. Athlete`s reaction in this situation based on reaction to triggers such defensive player hands, defensive help, location of teammates etc. Few about and many more will effect player decision.

Question why we as a coaches see this over and over again when players make wrong decision? That is for you to answer if you still cannot figure it out please read this article again. J

Experience is invaluable for reaction time improvement it helps simplify the complex choice for athlete.

Importance of improving reaction time

It is far more important, to the end result (for succeeding in what we want to achieve), to react correctly rather than just to react.

For instance – it is faster to move the head or the hand than it is to move the whole body; it is faster to turn our hip than it is to bend our back.


Reaction time and speed is definitely something worth improving, but even more so it is important to respond in the correct manner.
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Valery Lavrov

Shooting  - 
Shooting Fundamentals, 1000 fired video evaluation.
Hello, I present video evaluation of Nicole`s shooting technique. I have to point out that Nicole never before shot basketball or have been involved in basketball training. So I could claim that Nicole got from zero to video that you can observe in about 1000 shots made. In other words 5 hours of practice.All that sad, I like to share a bit philosophy behind my approach.First not one need to shot 3s if you could not make close range ! That is if ...
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Valery Lavrov

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Valery Lavrov

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Prelude it happened to me first time I have to rethink my basketball approach and adjust and readjust again!
Most of the future coaches have learned behavior trends form the early age as a players and know what a respect to the game and team means. We all know that no one want you there, but you. So when you go and coach you expect to see something like that, Not so fast here is a big but when you getting to coach fist timers who have never experienced any time of semi-pro sport. We talking about age 7-8 no sport foundation.  Lads have been sent by parents and have no knowledge about any sport or even basic discipline out of consideration. After all I coach pro team, semi-pro, and even kinds in school, individual work along with Gym work my database consist of over 20 books, 50 hours of video plus all that I accumulated through 20 years of different kind of sports including 12 years as basketball player and much more psychology, teaching books websites and articles. So I thought that I prepared for it….  
And now based on my problem I would like to share easy steps- guide to coaches who just starting (fresh) or experienced coaches, but in a wrong environment that they never been before like myself so they feel unprepared, when they coming to session and holding practice plan that let say consist of worm up, drills that they use to run, offense system let assume for the sake of example basic motion or even easy one - flex. Not even mentioning yearly plan and expectation to play in leagues. Next we do defensive drill, end of the practice lets run some trips (scrimmages).  All of it could differ. Forger all of it now you have 2 practices per week 1h each instead of 3-6 practices per week 2h-4h each like in most teams. This is not a team anymore you have 15-20 kids where 60% just there for no reason. No wait they have they all think including parents that game of basketball called game and it fun and easy……. For you who think alike read this carefully. Game of Basketball only for professionals in other words this is your job or future job or scholarship, when you go as a kid you go to school and you must take it seriously so basketball s your sport not just fun time. Not saying that Basketball game is not fun. But it not 90% fun it mostly 90% hard work + fun if you can see or feel it if you could not feel it do push up`s more you`ll get it there. I want to make example you rather go to Cambridge, MIT or some “abracadabra” Institute? By the time you graduate in first case MIT etc. You already know that you going to work and would earn enough money. Second case you spent same time much less effort you got you degree and you never going to work in specialty that you learn there. Nice future. So by choosing good school you choosing your future. Forgot to mention, in most cases they choose you if you good enough that’s real life deal with it.  Sorry for such off topic.
Back to teaching guide.
Here instead of saying how to do it I would lay put some of examples that you all can use if you like to. If you need psychology there millions books about it Google it not the case here.
First thing first – discipline.
1) Make rules, make sure everyone know it and understand. 
3) Do not let kids be you friend, make it obvious that you fist a Coach may be friendly one. But not friend first and also Coach. Both never work for end results bad practice.
4) Gathering around Coach for greeting (make time limits) and punish on regular basis. If you let it slip you regret it. 
5) Line up exercise that could be baseline, sideline or any other dedicated place (put some time on execution), make special rules how they need to do it if needed adjust it to more strict (such hold basketballs above your head etc.) Repeat on every practice even when it almost perfect. Simple drill such spread out then line up produce fast results. If for some reason 98% already there and some 2% or more not a line yet. 10 seconds gone, do not let to all wait make them spread out again.
6) Make blue print of practice plan work on fundaments do not spend over 10% time on games. Even when all would force you to make it happen. Kinds without foundation will possess terrible techniques that impede their performance in future even if the very talented. And if they do who is to blame?
7) 80% of practice plan contents or even more must stay the same, do not make every time new one. Consistent practice make it easy for kids no stress. And confidence level grow up with recognition of familiar elements. 
8) Make to do list or what I like to do next time or areas that need tuning… you got my point make it, that would help a lot on the next practice, accumulation of your own tips to yourself would be on paper if you ever need it. You will need it  in future.
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