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Bad enough that Pai is already in the ISPs pockets, worse that they are turning a blind eye to outright fraud, which I believe is flatly illegal.

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I've just had my Android phone upgraded to Marshmallow (6.01) and I've got a bone to pick.

Previously, if I wanted to move an app to the SD chip, I could go to the application manager, bring up the list of applications, and swipe around to the 'sd storage' list.

Voila, there is a list of all my applications that could be moved to SD, with nice check marks against all of those that I've already moved.


1) Go to the application manager.
2) Go to the list of applications.
3) Click the application.
4) Check the storage info to see if the app has already been moved.
4.1) It has? Click back, and go to step (3) on the next app.
4.2) It hasn't? Click on the storage block.
4.2.1) Do you see a button to change storage? No? Click back, click back, and go to step (3) on the next app. Yes? Click to move the app. (Golly Gee! You can move it! A truly moving experience, since so few apps appear to be movable these days.) Confirm moving the app. Back to the list of apps and step (3) on the next app.

How is this an improvement? It certainly isn't one for the user!

And oh yes, I am aware of the option to use the SD chip as a REPLACEMENT for internal memory. No thanks, that's asking for grief right there. SD chips have a definitely limited lifespan, and using one as a standard drive is just asking for it to fail.

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I worked out the protocol to switch the lights on the n52te.  The way I found uses a low level USB interface to send a 'control transfer' to the device.  The byte pattern is as follows:


00:08 = length including length bytes and xor checksum

00:03 = command to switch keymaps

00:KM = keymap id : Blue = 00 : Red = 01 : Green = 02

00:XR = XOR Checksum : Blue = 0b : Red = 0a : Green = 09

This DOES change the device's idea of what keys it should send, but if all three maps have the same settings, the effect is that all keys continue to send the same characters, just the LED changes.

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I'm sick of corporations buying the law. We finally got through to the FCC, and now Congress is going to try to screw us over. Let Congress know that you're not happy.
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