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Have you ever used Chrome Remote Desktop to remotely access your computer from a different laptop or computer? Today that same functionality is coming to +Android phones & tablets with the Chrome Remote Desktop App for Android. Simply launch the app, select which computer you’d like to access, and start using it as if you were sitting in front of it. 

You can start setting up a computer for remote access by installing the Chrome Remote Desktop app from the Chrome Web Store: And if you’d like to learn more about how to use Chrome Remote Desktop, you can check out these tips:
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Edwin Perello

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For the record, I almost always side with science. By almost always, I mean always.
LYMErix, a promising vaccine for Lyme disease introduced in the ‘90s, was taken off the market due to pushback from superstitious anti-vaxxers (among other groups). Is it time to bring the drug back?

LYMErix, a promising vaccine for Lyme disease introduced in the 1990s, was taken off the market due to pushback from anti-vaxxers (among other groups). Is it time to bring the drug back?
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Edwin Perello

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First they buy robots... Now they buy drones.

Google = SkyNet
Google buys Titan Aerospace!

Facebook was supposed to be buying this, but Google snapped it up. The company makes solar-powered drones that can fly for five years without landing.

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Edwin Perello

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Well, that didn't take long. Announced today, CBS is set for Stephen Colbert to replace David Letterman as the host of The Late Show when Letterman steps down in 2015. Colbert will be leaving more than 9 seasons of his own Colbert Report and, most...
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Edwin Perello

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These people and their revisionist history... It's no wonder they have no concept of good governance - they brainwash themselves into thinking there has never been an example of good governance, so they make sure that government is no equipped to do good.
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What is really sad here? He knows his audience is under educated and ignorant enough to not know any better. 40 years of educational cuts are finally starting to pay off big for the Republican party, teabaggers and wingnuts in general.
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Edwin Perello

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Why does god speak only to some of the stupidest people?

It's a rhetorical question.  These people are CRAZY; they only think they hear voices.
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Edwin Perello

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Edwin Perello

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When you put it like that, Wednesdays don't seem so bad after all...

#space #science #astronomy #universe #cosmos 
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Edwin Perello

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I really have a hard time taking anyone seriously when they don't use a signature in their business email.

I use one for my PERSONAL email.
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Haha... Excessive.
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Edwin Perello

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IMO, both men and women should shave their pits. There's no systemic standard of beauty associated with that, it's simply what people like and dislike. Period.

I find it grossly unfair that men and women are meant to conform to someone else's standard of beauty and repress their own.
Photographer Challenges Female Beauty Standards With Unshaven Underarm Pictures (11 pics):

#beauty #women #natural #photography #hair  
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I'm fortunate. My pits aren't particularly hairy naturally. Just a few wispy hairs.
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Milan, IN
Batesville, IN - Osgood, IN - Bronx, NY - Middlebury, VT - Ojo de Agua, Dominican Republic
I'm not accusing you of stalking me but quit stalking me.
My name is Edwin Perello, Dominican by birth, New Yorker by spirit, dedicated and loving husband by heart. 

I'm just a typical nerd finding his way through the vastness of the internet space, enjoying its fruits and many flavors. I enjoy graphic arts and techno toys a bit more than the average person. I'm generally an Android person but I've sometimes felt the itch to feel the grass on the other side. I love collecting and sharing images and creating some of my own.

I'm in love with cosplay (and plan to become actively involved) and the aesthetics of haute couture fashion. Tailoring is in my blood and I plan to stop neglecting that fact.

I'm currently a student of nursing, and plan to get a BS in Nursing and Biology, with the hope to continue with graduate school to study Epidemiology. I'm fascinated with all types of science, but the study of mankind's struggle with disease is one of the most fascinating and underappreciated stories.

I'm also avidly interested in economics and politics, which comprises a good portion of what I share and comment about online. I'm not unwilling to take people head on in a debate as long as we're using facts instead of pretending opinion and preference are as good as facts. I'm a man of science, a lover of empirical evidence, not delusions and fallacy.

I'm also a gamer, recovering from World of Warcraft. I'm especially fond of fantasy-based games, as I am of fantasy and science fiction novels, but my interests vary widely. As long as the game provides a good, fulfilling experience and tells a good story, I'm there.

I'm also a lover of music - and sound in general. Having moved from NYC to Indiana, the sounds of the city escape me and I yearn for the noise and chaos. I get much of it from metal music - specifically symphonic gothic and black metal music. I'm into everything from pop, electronica, world, jazz and classical music. I'm less fond of country and hip-hop/rap music, but the more soulful hip-hop has its attractive properties at times.
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I've played and beaten Final Fantasy 1 more times than you'd gotten laid. BOOYAH!
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Small business advocates worry that they’ll have to shoulder the burden of corporate tax breaks without seeing any of the benefits.

Lil' Charlie's serves typical Americana, but it doesn't particularly stand out.
Public - a month ago
reviewed a month ago
This LaRosa's is alright. The pizza is better than store-bought pizza, and no better than the same products from Pizza Hut. The chicken wings are the best thing on the menu along with their calzones, but if you're looking for pizza, there are cheaper options with similar quality.
Public - a month ago
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Generally a great service, especially on training day such as today when you get plenty if samples.
Public - 7 months ago
reviewed 7 months ago
4 reviews
This Skyline Chili provides great food at the common Skyline price. The place is clean and the food they serve is top notch for a drive-through restaurant.
Public - a month ago
reviewed a month ago