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See you in December!
We're going to cancel today's meeting for MacAdmin Monthly. If you're in the US, most people need time to get out and vote. We don't want to compete with the election, either.

Due to other commitments, and MacTech Conference coming up just next week, we're not going to reschedule, and will see you in December!

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Seriously...join in!!

MacAdmin Monthly September is here! Well...tomorrow: usual time and place. Get all of the details on the site:

Also, If you have questions that you'd like the group to answer or discuss, let us know:

Hope to see you at the meeting!

If you’re in a helping mood: I don’t often do this, but my wife would appreciate a ‘5’ vote for Archie the Acorn:

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Pictures that I've taken that I like. No Photoshop or tricks - just generally straight off the camera. I'll add more over time.
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Wow - very cool event. I guess like the, "Eskimos have more words for ice," the Syracuse-ians have more events in snow!
Big fun at the Highland Forest Snowshoe race today. Won the 5K, and my buddies and fellow Ithacans Eric and Boris were 1st and 3rd in the 10K (and way faster than I was!). Pictures of me at 15, 18, and 23 in the slideshow.

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"Business trip"...

Looks great, hope you brought some back to share!
Visit to Plzen - Pilsner Urquel Brewery
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Sydney, Australia 2014
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Flight delays holding me up from MacSysAdmin Conference. Someone already at #macsysadmin save me a place at the bar tonight!

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