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Edward Legaspi
If you cannot stand firm on your faith, you can't stand at all.
If you cannot stand firm on your faith, you can't stand at all.

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How to use mariadb and liquibase together with maven on jboss
First you must define the needed dependency in your pom file. <profile>

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How to implement a LazyDataModel with size in Primefaces
This solution is ideal if you have a list of entities or a named queries that return a list of entities. For example let's say we have an entity user and we want to return all the users with role=x. @NamedQueries({ @NamedQuery(name = "User.listUsersByRoles"...

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How to register your business under sole proprietorship in the Philippines
Requirements Certificate of Business Name Registration from the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI). Barangay/Municipality/Regional clearance, depending on the scale and scope of intended operations. Business permit from the local mayor's office. This is...

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How to package a java standalone app using maven assembly
The sample codes below will assemble a zipped package of a java standalone app. Dependencies: maven-jar-plugin - to create the jar maven-assembly-plugin - to assemble the distribution package pom.xml <plugin>

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How to send http request using apache httpcomponents library
There are many ways to send request to a server and one of them is by using http client library. But this library has 2 versions now. The old httpclient and this httpcomponents. We will provide a sample code to try the latter. But before that we need to add...

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How to create a data table in angular using ngTable
I'm trying to evaluate front end frameworks since it's becoming more and more popular lately (I'm more of a backend developer using primefaces). And so I'm looking at angular2 and react, but in this tutorial we will be trying to develop a data table from an...

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How to run a wildfly server inside docker
Before we begin you must configure docker, I am using Ubuntu so I followed the guide here: Choose the appropriate OS that applies to you. Let's do this in sequence: Checkout and compile the ver...

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The program can't start because api-ms-win-crt-runtime-l1-1-0.dll is missing
This problem is often encountered when running Microsoft Office, Adobe Products or even Apache server. Base on this entry from stack overflow:

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My MacBook can't connect to my wifi where it used to before
This solution assumes that you already tried Network Diagnostic (Open System Preferences->Assist Me->Diagnostics) solution but still failed to connect to your wireless device. What's more confusing is that you used to connect to this wireless device before ...
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