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Edward Hutchinson
If I'm not talking, you're not learning anything
If I'm not talking, you're not learning anything

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Just in case my Jacksonville friends have not already found each other

I have an idea.  It's what one would call an 'Epic' idea.  An idea that, if done correctly, will become a multi-million (maybe billion) dollar monstrosity over the course of the next 3 years.  I will need lots of people to make this happen.  I am currently building my network of players to include anyone who is business minded, technologically savvy, well funded and Creative.  It will take people I can trust and people who are willing to be well compensated on the back-end.  I am the next Facebook.  I am coming :)

Can anyone share the names of any startup minded people they know? Or small business oriented people I can add to my circles?

A shout out to all those in my circles. Been a while and I don't much going on, but it'll pick up eventually :)

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Truck Accident April 13, 2013
April 13, 2013
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Apparently Google feels the need to celebrate Caesar Chavez' birthday over Jesus'. I'm sorry, but I'll support another search engine over Google from now on, since they don't support Jesus' birthday. That's my opinion on how it needs to be.

Don't have many friends in my circle yet so feel free to share this if possible.

I am looking for a business group for people who have ideas and would like to start an entreprenurial career, but not sure how to protect their ideas from the wrong people. So many times I have an idea but pass on pursuing it due to not having enough experience or information on how to present it to someone who might take an interest in bringing it to fruition.

Let's say I have a web based idea that really perks the ears of most people I talk to, I can call a big budget web builder to build it for me, but at what cost that I cannot afford. Or hire my own Zuckerberg who might just take the idea and run away with it once the information is detailed.

Are there affordable legal options to protect my interests if I do not have a patent yet? Patents are costly too? Especially when you have to apply for many of them to fully cover every aspect of my business and ideas.

There must be some people out there who takes an interest in hearing ideas and can at least affordably point in some directions or offer their own help in seeing what can/could happen.

I hipe I clearly articulated what I was looking for. If not, please feel free to ask questions. Thanks :)

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Too dang funny to not share!! lol
Relink of the best Olympic commentary ever (now with less being blocked by people with no sense of fun):
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