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Affordable Health and Car Insurance Rates - State Healthcare Exchange Broker
Affordable Health and Car Insurance Rates - State Healthcare Exchange Broker

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Open Enrollment For Obamacare Is Over...Forever! In 2018, when "Trumpcare" becomes effective, once again, we'll all have to adjust to new changes.

Since the vast majority of Americans aren't impacted (only private individual and family plans, excluding Group, Medicare, and Medicaid), there is a good chance you won't notice any differences.

The two changes that are likely include:

Enhanced HSAs - More deductible options, increased tax incentives, and possible federal contributions.

State High Risk Pools - They're baaaack! Maybe. Each state would operate its own high-risk program with federal aid. Much more cost-effective than current system.


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Nobody ever gets a bad fortune in their fortune cookie. But check out the fortune that my wife just got in her cookie. She is not happy. The food was good though.


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Yes...It's that time of the year again. If you received a federal Obamacare subsidy (Don't get used to it since it's changing), you need the PTC form.

Hopefully, you didn't underestimate your income, like millions of Americans!

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The Best Text In The World:

"Hey. We're Ok."


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Is Obamacare Toast?

Probably. But you're still going to have the same type of coverage through 2017 and possibly 2018.

What changes can you expect? Look for enhanced HSA plans, more catastrophic-like options, and creation of state high-risk pools.

Your premiums could increase or decrease, depending upon your household income and type of plan you want. And yes, your health may matter!

#Healthcare #RepealAndReplace

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Quick Advice As Open Enrollment Approaches:

NEVER trust online provide directories prior to March 1. Before you enroll, ask your broker to verify your physicians, specialists, and hospitals are "in-network" for the plan you are choosing.

Or, you can check yourself by contacting each provider directly.

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The Incredible Shrinking Network!

"You can keep your doctor." Lately, you may not be able to keep your doctor, specialist, or hospital, as major insurers are fleeing the Marketplace. The carriers that stay have vastly reduced their network.

#Healthcare   #FutureOfHealthcare  

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A family of four that makes $100,000 can receive a federal subsidy to help pay their health insurance premium.

Insane? Yes. During Open Enrollment, each day I calculate dozens of federal subsidy eligibility amounts for individuals and families. Sometimes they can't believe how much money they're entitled to.

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Looking Forward (next month) to OSU's demolition of Michigan!

Seriously, should be a great game, and perhaps 1 vs. 2!

#OhioStateFootball   #goblue  

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Ohio State looked great last night vs. Oklahoma.

But it's still never too early to be looking ahead. Possible 1 vs. 2 match up. It will be a demolition derby.

#OhioState   #OhioStateFottball  
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