By request:
This is a Reddit friend-each-other thread.
Everyone who sees this post a comment and then friend everyone else who also posts a comment. Pass it on to your friends.

How to use this post:
Hover over the name of someone and you should see a circles button, click the "add to circles" button, click "create new", make a reddit circle and add them.
For everyone else, just click "add to circle" and then click the "Reddit" circle you just made.

Once you've posted to this thread, people will start adding you. You need to go to the notifications tab and add them to your reddit circle in return.

NOTE: Click the gear on the top right and go to google+ settings to turn off the email spam you're going to get from this post.

Jason Julias - "Also, if you get a notification that people added you, check it so that you can add them to a circle all snappy like."

Also, please send feedback (using the "send feedback" button on the bottom left) and ask google+ staff to add huddle capabilities to PC's as well as mobile devices.
Sample feedback:

Hello google+ staff!
I'd like to make a suggestion of adding huddle capability to PC's as well as mobile devices. Currently I'm sitting here on my computer and chatting on my android, what kind of sense does that make?

Hit 300 comments. Largest thread on all of google+?
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