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By request:
This is a Reddit friend-each-other thread.
Everyone who sees this post a comment and then friend everyone else who also posts a comment. Pass it on to your friends.

How to use this post:
Hover over the name of someone and you should see a circles button, click the "add to circles" button, click "create new", make a reddit circle and add them.
For everyone else, just click "add to circle" and then click the "Reddit" circle you just made.

Once you've posted to this thread, people will start adding you. You need to go to the notifications tab and add them to your reddit circle in return.

NOTE: Click the gear on the top right and go to google+ settings to turn off the email spam you're going to get from this post.

Jason Julias - "Also, if you get a notification that people added you, check it so that you can add them to a circle all snappy like."

Also, please send feedback (using the "send feedback" button on the bottom left) and ask google+ staff to add huddle capabilities to PC's as well as mobile devices.
Sample feedback:

Hello google+ staff!
I'd like to make a suggestion of adding huddle capability to PC's as well as mobile devices. Currently I'm sitting here on my computer and chatting on my android, what kind of sense does that make?

Hit 300 comments. Largest thread on all of google+?
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Google+: The only place where it's appropriate for Redditors to say "+1".
I've already got you people! Make room for more.
Remember that you can share this post with others that I didn't already have friended, just click "share" at the top of the post.
...this thread got huge fast
Everyone share this with your own reddit circles, make it grow.
I just noticed you can hover over names to add to circles. I was opening profiles in new tabs :|
Bill K
yeah my emails are getting raped right now
NOTE: Click the gear in the top right corner and go to google+ settings to get it to stop spamming your email.
Also, if you get a notification that people added you, check it so that you can add them to a circle all snappy like.
is there anyway to permalink this thread to reddit?
But not too deeply. Just the tip... just to see how it feels...
Oh the circle is firmly in my hand. No worries there!
I for one welcome our new social networking overlords.

May I also request that you Redditors edit your Google+ profiles and add your Reddit user page as a custom link? This way I know who to send hate love orangereds to.
TIL you can use this to cross out words on here. (A - on either side.)
Why would I do this to myself.. here I go.
This is a font test:

star: test
hyphen: test
exclamation point: !test!
pound: #test#
plus: +test+
up-arrow: ^test^
side arrows: <test>
^ Doesn't really tell us how to cross out words
The bacon narwhals at midnight.
In summary, only the * and the - do anything, as far as I can tell.

double-stars: *test*
dollars: $test$
tildes: ~test~
colons: :test:
semicolons: ;test;
double-colons: ::test::
brackets: [test]
squiggly brackets: {test}
vertical lines: |test|
backslash: \test\
This comment thread isn't condensing on my page. It takes a long time to scroll past. I hope you're all happy!
+Tim Buckley but then I either have to move my hand from my mouse, or pick up my arm off the arm of my chair. So much work!
You posted the link to this thread on Reddit. I see share on here, but nothing to give me a link to this directly.
To get a permalink to a thread, hit the triangle for options (its on the top right hand corner of the post), then click on Link to this post.
Ah. Gotcha. Figured it would be with the share link.
+Edward Gilbert You should edit something to tell people how to initially add others here. They need to know to hover over the names and add them to a circle.

And the people added need to know to look at the notification that someone added them so they can add them to their own circle.
Is there a good way to bulk add ?
I think the fastest way to add is to find someone whose profile lists all their friends, and just add them from there.
Add me away if you'd like. You are required to go into your Google+ Android app, choose "Huddle" and select the whole reddit circle. It can be big /r/huddlejerk
Dear lord, clicking on all of you will take a bit.
+Scott Obert Just hover over their name, then hover over Add to Circle and click on your Reddi+ circle. Much faster, no clicking necessary!
reddit plus friend thread activate!
Yay, reddit-related thread ! That makes me think, I just added a reddit spark, is it just a huge RSS thing or is it more than that ?
Reddit? I hear that place is filled with young white liberal tech lovers -- essentially South Bay.
this shall be my first comment while using google plus... cheers! is there upvoting involved?
The narwhal bacons at midnight :)
121 Redditors in my circle so far. That's more friends than I've ever had on Facebook ಠ_ಠ
Now if we could just import whole circles from other people that would have been a lot easier.
Almost at 100. Need to circle more of you guys.
I think I'm done adding everyone on this thread that was here. Therefore, everyone else that gets here can add me.

I guess this is pretty much r/circlejerk+ right?
Hello everyone, may the Narwhal be with you. 
This feels like reddit gold, only more exclusive and so much cooler.
Greetings and salutations! Extra bacon for all my friends!
i wish there was a way to group add people
Much much better than facebook. I'm sure they are pretty worried.
Copy that Red Leader, Brown eye standing by....
SS. Alliecat82308 checking in for Google+ duty! Must. Friend. Everyone.
I really hope I_rape_cats doesn't show up
Sup reddit! Circle-add ALL the redditors!
Josh M
Collect the redditors!
Oh god how did this get in here I am not good with computers.
Woke up to play add to circle, now my wrist hurts

Disregard Facebook, acquire circle members.
can't wait to add the mobile app
SO... what happens when the rest of reddit joins? I mean my wrist already hurts
oh god how did this get in here I am not good with computers
Jay Ong
There has got to be a faster way of doing this...
How's it going Reddit? Checking in.
thanks for the invite!

oh and <3 bacon
David K
Thanks for the invite Jason.
underscore test = test

So we have....
star = test
minus = test
underscore = test
is there any way to minimize this so the feed isn't forty thousand miles long?
Posting again because I want to catch all the redditors.
yeah hey if you see this add me, because I can't click anymore and I'm going to sleep!

see you in the morning :D afternoon
Hey from NYC.

I need to add all of these people individually? Bananas.
Marc, I think we're using it in a way it was not originally intended. Perhaps we should request a mass-add feature?
Hello my fellow Redditors!
I'm a little late to the party - now get in a circle!
Okay, I'm at 200 Redditors, I'm set for the next...20 minutes?
I am furiously adding people.
Howdy y'all. Is there a way to batch add people in a thread?
Google has updated the Google+ app already. 
I don't believe so, but there should be.
long thread is loooong
so where is the /nyc circle hiding?

edit: found it.
Wow that took forever.. I think I circle' everyone, up to 170 now.
Kam M
@Tim Buckley - Regarding text formatting, if it's consistent with the rest of Google's services, underscore should result in italics.
between reddit and plus my work is screwed
Leave it to us to take over google+
I can't keep up with all this circle adding.
Waiting for an API so I can code something like "add everyone in this post to my Reddit circle" etc :P
Just another redditor. Fingers are getting tired from adding so many people to my Reddit circle
Checking in as requested. Its good to be here.
holy crap that took a long time...reddit circle up to 306's like collecting Pokémon :)
There has be a better way! It may have already been suggested, but we should be able to add a website, celebrity, cause, etc... and automatically create a circle of all its followers.
Checking in. Loving Google+ so far.
That took forever! Reddit just made me spend a lot more time on Google + than on Facebook! YAY
oh hai der reddit! any Florida redditors?
Used to live in FLA now a NY redditor!
Oh dear, I'm at the bottom of this list.
Between reddit and G+ I don't think I'll ever go outside again.
Man, Partick Martin took the line I was going to use.
oh God, a lot of redditors now can see each other's face THERE WILL BE INFINITELY LESS FAPPING. I HOPE. PROBABLY NOT.

I just went through and upped my Reddit circle from 10 to 180. And that's not everybody in this entire thread. Sorry whoever I didn't add, I'm too lazy...
Yay we are having a reddit circle jerk!
Wow, that took a MINUTE, add me to your "reddit" circle
Finally finished, good thing I got paid to do that. :)
Tim Aza
Sup reddit. Bout to circle this shit up.
Lily L
*scrolls down page*
*adds everyone into reddit+ circle*
Circle ALL the things!!!!!!!!!!!!
I wonder if there's a limit to the people you can have in a circle.
Super late to the party but..
Add ALL the Redditors!!!!!!!!

Also, is it just me or is Reddit taking over G+?
I'm late, but I brought kittehs? Excellent more NRL people.
I don't always... 260 people later and my hand needs a nap.
Time to spam people with circles!!!!
And a good hangover afternoon to you too reddit
I'm going to be the biggest +1whore, maybe even become a +1naut
Tony Ho
I wanted to make an ALL THE THINGS joke but in true Reddit fashion it's been done to death already. :(
Whoa, lots of fellow Redditors! Hello there.
Hola! Anyone out here from the Twin Cities?
Time to join the party. What's up, reddit?
but this is so much work..
Scroll, scroll, scroll, scroll. All those years of Reddit have finally payed off, everyone is encircled. G+ needs a mass/group circle button though.
The narwhal bacons at midnight :3
So many redditors! Hello Reddit+
I'm incredibly daunted by all the people. I don't know this many people irl
Here I am!

update: Added everyone… Damn, that was not fun!
As of two days ago I'm hooked on reddit. thanks guys. I really needed another website to aid me in putting off my work.
Added everyone. 15 minutes in total. 300 people added. That was painful.
I would love some more Reddit friends :D
The first one here to write a Javascript that auto adds everyone on the page will be a Reddit hero.
Bring me in to your circle :)
Circlejerking circle jerk reporting in.
Hello Reddit friends!
¯\_(ツ)_/¯ hi reddit
You have now added 339 reditors! Congrats!!!
Had my first meet up last night at the Artful Dodge. So many people. Great times!
Hello from a dutch Redditor.
Do I really have to manually 'Add' everyone?
Add a comment...