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While in Kauai, I got a chance to dapple with my watercoloring.  The numerous chickens on that island provided ample subject matter.

#watercolor-painting   #kauai   #rooster   #chickens   #drawing   #vacation   #watercolor  

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It's been awhile since I last posted but this campaign is just too brainless and awful not to post.

Saatchi+ Saatchi must have pitched to General Mills that Lucky Charms' failing sales were due to all the millenials aging out of the sugary cereal market. So therefore why not use a fat, live hipster looking Leprechaun to sell the sugar laden garbage to convince millenials that its cool to rot your teeth and destroy your health?

Seriously? How stupid do they think people are? If anything use truth in advertising to sell Lucky Charms: It's cheap cereal eaten by college dude gamers after a night of drunken Pokemon chasing!

#badvertising   #awfulads   #luckyCharms   #idiocy  

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Where to begin with just how bad is this logo design?
1) Seriously? The "T" is sticking it to the "P."
2) A flag? Really? Will this be the new standard to replace the star and stripes? I'm torn between it being presumptively or corporatively ...fascist.
3) Let's talk about typographic balance -- which this lacks.
4) This is perfect--FOR A PLUMBING COMPANY!

Like the old saying goes, "You get what you pay for," especially considering that this looks like it was bought off for next to nothing. Knowing how Trump has a penchant for non-payment of contractors, I'm sure he even stiffed the poor sap who designed this.

Although I have to wonder if Trump chose Pence, or was it the result of a response he gave an aide regarding Trump-Pence...
"TrumpPence! I love the sound of TrumPences! Can't have a decent Marchin' Band without 'em!...huh?...mike pence? What schlamiel is that? ...Who cares? People come to watch me, El Trumpo!"

Ah the hilarity that is the tragedy of American Politics.

#baddesign   #designFail   #awfulBranding   #comedy   #politicalComedy   #trumpets   #Drumpf   #dumpTrump  

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If you're paying a celebrity big $$$ to sell your artery clogging burgers, You should at least make sure there's a good shot of them actually eating your slop.

#carlsjr   #badvertising   #vegetariansellingburgers

Damn the NRA. If our country just had waiting periods on gun purchases and G.D. background checks , maybe we could have prevented the shootings in Orlando. Enough with the b.s. gun policies in this country. Time for some sanity and less molly coddling of the arms manufacturing industry.

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Here's a fun video I made at the Oregon Humane Society's annual Pug Crawl. Enjoy.

#PortlandOregon #pugs #dogs #OregonHumaneSociety #funny

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A collection of watercolor paintings I am creating of all the dogs that hang around my wife's office. As near as I can tell, they number around check back weekly to see new works I've posted!
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The evidence is circumstantial.
A case of wrong place, wrong time.
Maizy wouldn't do such substantial
donut scavenging crimes. 

A new image from the Office Dogs paintings I've been working on. Thought all the dog owners out there might enjoy this. #officeDogs #watercolorPaintings #dogpainting #voodooDonuts #PortlandOregon #PortlandDogs

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Nobody puts Gus in the corner! ...unless it's his owner. #officedogs #pugs #dogwatercolor #dogpainting #watercolorpainting #illustration #ERFlynn

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Since it's National Puppy Day, let me contribute some Pizza (the dog.).

Hip Hip Hurray!
It's National Puppy Day!
Chase the blues away!
Increase your life's cache!
Adopt a puppy today!
Then get outside and play!

#watercolorPainting   #dogpainting   #dogillustration   #officedogs   #bookproject  
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