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Here's what Milton Glaser has to say about Hillary's logo and the rest of the election season branding. In a word, mediocre.

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It’s been called everything from a FedEx logo rip off, a confused hospital sign, a third-grade project made in MS Paint, and a big red arrow pointing strongly
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Edward Flynn

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There's a reason I never focused on just one design specialization. We've moved past the time when one can do that and still have decent marketability for your design practice.

Never stop learning and utilizing is my motto.

Now if we can just get HR people and perspective clients to realize, "Yes, skilled polymaths do exist."

Here's two articles for your consumption on that topic.
  Opportunity, liberty and risk are not divisible. We either grasp the nettle of creating value or we devolve to wistful pining for what is irrevocably in the past
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Hillary's logo is a fail on so many levels:
A) Helvetica? Booooring. H, the most boring letter in the typeface? Super Booooring.
B) Are her politics moving more to the right than Bill's? Or does this just suggest sideways governance?
C) Perhaps she's opening a hospital?
D) Lindon Leader called. He wants royalties on the use of the Fedex Arrow design.
E) A logo that calls to mind the Cuban flag might not be the best choice for branding a US presidential candidate...unless you're running under the Socialist  ticket. Then it's genius.  
F) Another branding success brought to you by the mindset which redesigned Gap, JC Penny's and Yahoo. Eeech.

#HRClogo   #logoFail   #brandingFail  
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Spot on as usual, Bob.

There is knowing how to use history, psychology, marketing and branding for successful advertising. ...and then there's echo chamber, jargon speak thinking as a way to make ads. Which side do you fall on?
For almost two thousand years, up until the late 19th century, one of the most common treatments for illness was bloodletting. Medical practitioners, who were trained in the practice of bloodletting, never questioned its effi...
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I've been working on a series of videos to help promote Tryon Creek Park here in Portland. The Park does a great job at helping children becoming connected with nature. Here's a short 30 second promo I made that I thought you all might enjoy.

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My dear friend Catherine passed away last week. Unfortunately, the breast cancer she had been battling spread to her brain, lungs and liver. 

Catherine was great artist. Another friend told me Catherine had used the Sketchbook Project to deal with her breast cancer fight.

Here is that sketchbook. 

#sketchbookproject   #cancerawareness   #memorial  
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Sorry to hear about your friend ❤️ what a great artist. How lovely of you to share her work in memory!
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Little Sydney wakes from a nap.

#gh4   #portlandoregon   #cutebabyphoto  
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Ah Milt, you are what all designers should strive to be.

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RIP Stan Freberg. Now that's what advertising is all about!

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Nothing says "disingenuous" like using race relations as a marketing tool to sell overpriced bean juice.

They would be better served if they devoted a percentage of each sale to a cause which helps to mend the race problems in this country.

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Here's a video I made to help promote the Friends of Tryon Creek and the importance of children having a connection with nature.

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The Friends of Tryon Creek are having their annual gala benefit on March 14th. Help keep Tryon Creek Park well maintained and beautiful, come to the Gala.

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The treatment was fine, but the cost is a complete ripoff. They triple and double bill for services that would be easily affordable at clinics like Zoomcare. Steer clear of this facility and Providence Medical Group in general. Total for profit price gouging with little regard to patient affordability. I'll give you a short example of how badly they jack up prices: I had to get stitches at the ER for a cut. They charged me $284 for tetnus shot. The same kind of shot that costs them $15 (in bulk) and which I could have received at Walgreens for $30. Is it any wonder that the US healthcare system is so bad with prices abuses like this happening?
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Dave helped me sell my family home in BIg Flats while I was living here in Oregon. The man is exemplary and very trust worthy. This sale posed some tricky problems, but Dave's knowledge about the matter resolved them smoothly and with a minimum of cost. Definitely one of the best lawyers to in the area. You'd be wise to use his services.
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Been taking my car here since moving to Portland and they do excellent work at a reasonable price.
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