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Edward Evans
Beer connisseur and vaping novice!
Beer connisseur and vaping novice!

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New carry piece!

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Don't bitch, its free!
To celebrate the culmination of the I’m With You World Tour, Chad selected five of his favorite recordings.

To download the new free EP, please click here:,11065/Red-Hot-Chili-Peppers-mp3-flac-download-2012-13-LIVE-EP.html

PIF Give Away!

Lion Head (MadVapes) 6mg
Jungle Juice - Boysenberry
Kenya Canyon - Coffee
Watermelon Extract

MtBaker Vapor 6mg

Firehouse Vape 6mg
Pineapple Upside Down Cake

Millenium Potion 6mg
Green Mint

Fancee Juice 6mg
Peppered Chocomint
Cloudarita - Margarita

Shark Juice 6mg
Peaches & Kreme
Irish Cream
Chicken &Waffles
Thunder Chicken - Weed Flavor

DM message me what you want with your info. First come, first serve! If you have some juice you don't want, let me know what it is, I may want it in trade. Vape on!

So Ive been #vaping Bobas Bounty from since Oct 2013. I heard great things about this juice so I had to try it. On their website is this,

 Boba's Bounty® is a Registered Trademark of Alien Vapor Enterprises L.L.C. 
So I thought it was the real deal! Come to find out, has the true BB. I ordered some to compare. I even thought, maybe they are using the same supplier and the juice will be the same.

There is a big difference between the appearance of the two.
Alienvapors BB is thick and dark in color in a 50/50 blend.
Alienvisions juice is a bit thinner and much lighter in color in a 100% vg.

Alienvapors BB is good. I has a good, but mild tobacco flavor and a real nice sweet taste that I cant identify what it is.
Alienvisions BB is good as well. It has a strong tobacco taste with mild sweetness that I cant identify what it is either.

I prefer the alienvapor BB, but if you like more of a tobacco flavor, alienvision is the better choice. Ive gotten about 5 bottles from them and all but one of them were great. The one bottle that I got that was bad, really fucking bad. I wasn't crying and bitchin to them. I simply sent them an email saying, "Hey, this last bottle tastes like shit." They sent me another bottle out in 3 days and it was like it should be. I haven't seem BB on any other website so Im guessing these are the only 2 places that have them unless any of you know something different.

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Cant go wrong with this!

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A very flavorful DIPA! Ill buy this one again.

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Enjoying a cold one after cutting the grass.

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Hooray beer!

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Oh hell yes!

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Get some!
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