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Edward Dorner, Jr.

+Carsten Damm So I see that the Equinox Setting Guide is now listed as Starfinder compatible on DTRPG. Does that mean you will be converting it over to support Starfinder rules as well?

So I've been enamored of CP2020 for a long while. I haven't gotten much of a chance to play it in a long time, but I got ahold of World of Android for the Netrunner card game and now I want to convert some stuff between them and build a setting for CP2020 using the info in that book. I'm looking at using the Fuzion rules to modify roles. I'll post some of my thoughts a little later.

I just picked up BitD. It's very interesting. I'll be reviewing it sometime this 4th of July weekend and offering my thoughts. And I'm very eager to see it in play, so I'm looking for some good Twitch and YouTube games for an overview. I'll be setting something up soon to test it out with a group live, but I am also considering this Roll20 thing as well, but I've never done it before.

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Sabah and Naim are Judicators recently charged with bringing down a vicious band of corsairs plaguing the tradelanes of the Horizon.

My sons decided they wanted to try something different and Coriolis was their selection...

Got the books last night. Looking through them today. Review coming fairly soon. One word comes to mind on the artwork and design. Amazing.

Great work guys :)

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I've finally managed to talk my group into some SotDL. Godless, to be precise. May the Demon Lord help me... a pixie, an orc parasite, a dwarf genius, and a Transcended scavenger. One more joining in tonight, who knows what that one will be.

And I've no particular plan after running Dancing in the Ruins. I've no particular overarching plot or really any campaign setting mapped out. Just The Springs, and a miscreant pair of oddball mutant monsters the group will meet along their path.

It was all spawned from nobody having anything to run on our Thursday night group, and me tossing the idea out of doing something new.

Glad to be here! Looking forward to new products, news, and files! Unfortunately my computer has died and I'm purely mobile based at the moment, but I had a CF Character Journal I was working on. Once I've secured new computational devices, I'll work on finishing it up and see what you guys think!

I'm curious when presales will begin. I'm very sad to have missed this KS. Everything I've seen looks awesome.

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My review of the Equinix Setting Guide and Match System Guide.

New reader in the mix, and I must say that the Setting Guide has definitely garnered my interest. What I've read of the Match System vs. the Storyguide has me in Match's corner so far. I've been a bit behind on games and gaming the past couple of years, so I'm glad I caught this. I've been looking for something new and I believe I just found it. I was sad to read the news of no forum. When I do have questions, I'll come running here or Fb. I am also making notes for my game review blog I have benn off-and-on with. Do you guys mind if use cover art for the review?
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