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I'm sort of a music junkie, even more than I am a movie junkie. The first show I ever saw was Prince and the Revolution, with Sheila E. opening. At the Coliseum, of course, out in Nassau County.
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If that was the one right after Purple Rain...I was there!!My frend was obsessed with Prince and went back for the third show.
You can tell he's a big fan of George Clinton and P-Funk by all the different stage costumes his band is wearing. Very P-Funk.
who is that in the middle lol it looks like prince!
Oh yes Prince and the Revolution! Also do you remember The Family, Apollonia 6 and Vanity 6, The Time! What ever happened to Lisa and Wendy? Electric Blue was my song!
I'm a music junkie as well as a movie junkie but now in days I'm more of a Television junkie.
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