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I feel as though the stories shared on Google+ are higher quality than anything in my Facebook stream and a bit more thoughtful / well-researched than on Twitter. Somehow, Google+ occupies a happy medium between the two social networking juggernauts. Regardless, competition in this space is healthy and can only lead to more innovation.
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I would agree there seems to be more "content" in the posts on Google+... a little more "explanation" of what is posted, and not just a 'look at this' blurb... which isn't a bad thing.
We go to Facebook for the fluff and pictures of old friends & family. We go to Google+ for interesting content posted by people with similar interests. Have had many a talk about this with other people in education and technology fields :]
Yes; +Edudemic I do agree.. the content is of higher quality here.. I find it very convenient
+Billy Meinke that's spot on. And Twitter's main point of differentiation is its main enemy - it's too brief to carry a meaningful context to a message or a link. I think Google have hit a jackpot and filled a much needed niche for a professional social network.

LinkedIn you say? Well... something just wasn't flowing right there. Though we still use it, most would never consider it for true social interaction and sharing. Too clunky.
I find that the audience is better controlled here with Google+  and its "circles." That may be a reason why people of like minds find it easier to engage?  
Yes!  Get back on here now that Facebook is on its way out :)
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