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Blizzident is a custom toothbrush that cleans every tooth in your mouth at the same time, reducing brushing time to six seconds. The toothbrush is 3D-printed from a scan or impression of a person's...
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“The audience doesn’t want to listen to a bunch of women talking about whatever it is women talk about.” wat
Share on Tumblr While writing Female characters exist to promote male leads for network profits, I realized something I had never quite put together in so many words. It’s important enough to deserve its own article (thanks, Bellatrys!), so here […]
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The Guardian not only has a new responsive design coming, and they've made the source available u...
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What at first look like delicate works of carved porcelain are actually thousands of layers of soft white paper, carved into busts, skulls, and human forms by Beijing artist Li Hongbo. A book editor and designer, the artist became fascinated by traditional Chinese toys and festive decorations ...
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Python, LSR-CIT, noise
Yet another Python programmer.
  • FATEC Sorocaba
    Curso Superior de Tecnologia em Processamento de Dados, 2003
  • ETE Salles Gomes
    Técnico em Informática
  • Agile Contents
    Programmer, 2012 - 2013
  • MktTv Digital
    Programmer, 2010 - 2012
  • Visie Padrões Web
    Programmer, 2009 - 2009
  • D3 Estúdio
    Programmer, 2014 - present
  • Skyone Solutions
    Programador, 2014 - present
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Greece: Prospect of Syriza victory raises workers’ hopes

Mass intervention of working class to struggle for socialist policies is vital

AirDroid - Best Device Manager

Manage your Android devices on the web, all over the air. - No USB cable required. - No driver installation required. - Same WiFi network or


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The Python "with" Statement by Example

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get-shit-done - Small script to configure your hosts file so you don't get distracted during the day.

Trotsky e a Revolução Espanhola

A Revolução Espanhola foi um dos grandes acontecimentos da década de 30 e Trotsky participou amplamente dos debates. Com a queda da monarqui

As prostitutas também são mulheres trabalhadoras — CartaCapitalCarta Cap...

É curioso que as mulheres da CUT, por um moralismo não assumido, atentem contra as liberdades individuais e contra o direito de uma mulher d

Maioria calcada em fraudes aprova pré-candidatura presidencial de senado...

Aquele que deveria ser o espaço mais democrático do Partido Socialismo e Liberdade, culminação de um processo de três meses…

21 Times Ian McKellen And Patrick Stewart Were The Cutest Work BFFs

At a TimesTalk panel promoting their Broadway shows, Sir Ian and Sir Patrick continued to be the most awesome people alive.

Reflexões sobre rap, hip hop e feminismo (with tweets) · renatamol

Como sempre faço reflexões sobre essa interseção, decidi publicar alguns tweets dia 19/07/13.

Quando você vai ter filhos? « AlineValek

filhos_alta. Pergunte-me a minha idade. Pergunte-me sobre o meu imposto de renda. Pergunte-me sobre a questão de testes em animais. Pergunte

Marxism and Halloween |

Art & Culture · Criminal Justice · Economics · Education · Environment · Healthcare · History · Immigration · International · Labor & Unions

Um marxismo interseccional é possível? Pontapé inicial para um debate.

Creio que não há nenhuma novidade em afirmar que, nas últimas décadas, as questões ditas "específicas", de "minorias" ou "identitárias" têm