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More third party tools to help manage your Google+ page

With Google+ Pages (, millions of businesses and brands are now connecting with their followers in meaningful ways online. From clothing lines to sports teams to summer music tours, Pages are inspiring conversations around the topics people care about, and we want to enable more of these connections, more often.

In particular, many brands use third party tools to manage their social media presence across the web. So in recent months we've been been previewing a new set of Google+ management APIs with some of these companies (including Buddy Media, Context Optional, Hearsay Social, HootSuite, Involver, and Vitrue).

We're getting a lot of positive feedback from these developers, the businesses they work with, and the Google+ community at large. So over the next several weeks we'll be opening up these management APIs to hundreds more tool providers.

If you're a social media management company that's interested in participating, you can let us know here: And you can read our original announcement for more information on the APIs themselves:

In the meantime we'll continue making Google+ a great place to connect with your customers and fans, so please keep the feedback coming!

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This is great news! Thanks! I would love it if Buffer would get on board with this. I'm not affiliated with them, but it's the tool I use most often, and I've long wished for the ability to Buffer posts to Google+.
Buffer user here also. At least for me, G+ will always be secondary to FB if third party apps don't get on board. Get Buffer in and we start talking...
+Andres Azevedo, you better hope that FB "always" is more relevant than G+.  The tide is turning against FB, unless they do something quick.
Sprout Social needs to be added here as well
thanks so much guys, we are right on it and will see how we can add Google+ to +Buffer  asap, will keep you all posted! :) 
Please make the API public!
I could not find the WRITE API (doc)!
Been waiting for long time congrats to G+ team
That's great news. This is our most popular feature request at Looking forward to getting access asap! 
+Eduardo Thuler Is there any way I can update my private projects Google+ page via the API? Is this only restricted to companies?
google is usually so quick to come out with an open api, I really hope the delay here is that the api's are still being fleshed out rather than google making plus a walled garden.
Wonderful news indeed. Can't wait to get involved.
Fantastic news. Congratulations to the team. We'll be looking for an invite!
Yes, re Buffer -- me too. It's the social media app I use most often. Would be great to Buffer posts to G+ pages.
We just pass this info onto the Sprout Social developer team. Thanks for sharing! 
+Eduardo Thuler looking forward to the opportunity to finally integrate it into +Raven Tools. It's one of our number one requests from our customers.Thanks for considering us :)
Hoping this is not off topic but will this enable us to access G+ Pages from mobile devices?
Definitely Buffer! Also love Crowdbooster.
We filled the initial form and heard nothing. Maybe the second time. I am sure uberVU clients would love to manage G+ from our dashboard
We filled the initial form and heard nothing. It was about 3 weeks ago. How long do we have to wait for answer?
We have applied multiple times. Is there any more information we can receive regarding the status?
Was waiting for a Google Plus public publish API announcement at I/O, but still not ... Facebook can do it !
facebook in strongher than google +

facebook do it
Sooo.. is there a way, other then the form, to do something to help my case getting the API access? A few guys from Google came back with “sorry, there's a long list of companies who requested the API and they don't give it to like anyone”. 
Hi, I am software developer and trying to develop a application that will connect to google + and able to create post from one single website like buffer and HootSuite. But i am wondering that i have tried numerous API's of Google+, still unable to get success.

Can anyone guide me?
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