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This is really good news! Great to see good effort paying off.

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Pavni is definitely a maker. Happy Women's day!
Tomorrow is International Women’s Day, and to celebrate we're supporting Voices Global Conference, presented by Global Tech Women. As part of this 24-hour live streamed event, we'll provide more than a dozen hours of free talks featuring women working in computer science—from new episodes of the Women Techmakers series and interviews with women leaders like the head of Lexity India Mani Abrol, to discussions focusing on technologies like Google Compute Engine—starting today. For a sneak peek of the type of content we're providing, watch the story below, produced in conjunction with PBS’ MAKERS series. 

To access the full schedule and our ongoing broadcasts, see our section on the Voices website, which will be updated throughout the day: Read more about the conference and our support for women on our blog:


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Yey! Congrats to the team on a very beautiful launch!
Some profile & page improvements, per your request

We spend lots of time listening to your feedback, and today we're launching some profile and page updates that you've been asking for. These include:

- A new tab for your Local reviews. In addition to your photos, +1's and YouTube videos, there's now a place for all your Local reviews. Highlight your favorite restaurants, or hide the tab completely via settings -- it's completely up to you.

- An easier way to edit your info. The 'About' tab now consists of separate cards (like Story, Places, and Links) -- each with its own prominent edit link. As always: you can share specific fields with specific circles, or keep them just for you.

- Bigger cover photos, with a better aspect ratio. Cover photos are much larger than before (up to 2120px by 1192px), and they display in 16x9 when fully expanded. This way more images can be used as cover photos, and there’s more room for your selection to shine.

Everything's rolling out gradually, so check back soon if you don't see it yet. Once it’s live (at, let us know your thoughts in the comments!

Some profile & page improvements
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This is so cool. Search for "do the harlem shake" on YouTube (or click below)

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Really cool video!

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So glad to see this out the door! Huge congrats to the team!
I'm excited about our launch of Google+ Sign-In. Now you can safely and securely sign in to an increasing number of your favorite applications and websites with just your Google+ password.

Of course there are lots of benefits for publishers and developers - but most of all - it's designed for you and how you share. Selectively. Different things to different circles. Nuanced. Like in real life. 

Details are here:

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