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VideoBlack 1.7 released!

- XE20 now supported
- Now you can start and stop recording by voice commands
- Settings menu 
- Bugfixes

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It seems they're using VideoBlack to record the match! :P

VideoBlack 1.6 and GlassMusic 1.2 released. Changelogs:

VideoBlack (v1.6): 
-XE17 now supported 
-Voice command changed. Now: start video black 
GlassMusic (v1.2): 
-XE17 now supported 
-Voice command: listen with... GlassMusic 
-Fixed song search 

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VideoBlack 1.5 released!! 
Changelog (v1.5): 
-Double blink for start recording a video 
-In gallery, swipe / two swipe left or right to backward / forward 
-Added menu item "HTTP server" for downloading/deleting videos from computer 
-Integrated with WearScript (ask for details)

Just released GlassMusic 1.1 and VideoBlack 1.4!!
Now compiling with XE16.1. More details and downloads in

Just released VideoBlack 1.3!
Changelog (v1.3): 
-Added Gallery as menu option for playing, viewing details and deleting the recorded videos 
-Disabled wink gestures while using the app 

There are some users that aren't able to record videos, I'm trying to figure it out, but I need some good logs!

#io13 I got two tickets and couldn't pay for any because of wallet!!

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