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Hoy en día, la figura pública del docente no necesariamente se queda en al aula, ya que existe la posibilidad de ampliarla a un auditorio mucho más amplio a través del Internet. Plataformas de páginas web, blog, y redes sociales facilitan en gran medida trascender la identidad profesional del docente.
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Es muy probable que el pizarrón sea uno de los elementos del salón de clase más devaluados que tenemos hoy en día. Falta ver cómo un profesor hace uso de esta herramienta para ver el grado de organización que ofrece durante sus clases.
En este video explico algunos puntos de porqué esta problemática y ofrezco algunas alternativas para solucionar el problema educativo.
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Originalmente grabado el 19 de abril en Facebook Live

En el video menciono 6 cosas qué identificar al iniciar un curso a distancia.
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Vaya que ya tenía rato que no entraba por acá. 
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Calendario Escolar 2014 - 2015
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Este es el nuevo proyecto educativo de Google y se ve increible.

No puedo esperar a que lo hagan público para ponerlo a prueba.
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Classroom 101

School might be out for the summer, but Classroom is just getting started. Check out this walkthrough video for a preview of how it works for teachers and students.

More teaching. Less tech-ing.
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Excelente !!
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Eduardo Carrillo (Teacher Eduardo)

commented on a post on Blogger.
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You did a very good job at leading the reader through the topic and also in explaining what needed to be explained.

I particularly like the introduction and second paragraph where you argue on what evaluation is and what it is for. 
Throughout the teaching and learning process there are several steps that must be done in a sequenced manner. For instance, it is not possible to evaluate a knowledge that is unknown; therefore evaluation cannot be done at th...
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Un recuento de mi trayectoria como profesor de inglés y docente universitario.
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Video originalmente grabado el 12 de abril del 2016 después de tener acceso a Facebook Live.

En el video menciono 5 recomendaciones para aprender un idioma.
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Cursos a Distancia

Ofrecer un curso, sea este de aprendizaje de lengua extranjera o de asignatura, se vuelve una práctica cada vez más común gracias a las facilidades que nos ofrecen los avances tecnológicos.
La actividad de transferir un programa de estudio del aula real a una aula virtual implica una serie de consideraciones adicionales para el docente de idiomas. 
En el blog, y video, detallo algunos puntos sobresaliente.

#TeacherEduardoNET   #VidadeunDocente   #Distancia   #CursosOnline  
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La tecnología se ha vuelto una parte integral de nuestras vidas, y hemos adoptado esta era digital con tal entusiasmo que muchas de las actividades habituales de nuestras vidas las transferimos al entorno virtual que nos proporciona el Internet. La ...
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Centro Universitario de Lenguas Extranjeras
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El Centro Universitario de Lenguas Extranjeras es el lugar de encuentro de multitud de estudiantes provenientes de toda la región noroeste y californiana, nuestro público es nacional e internacional.
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Eduardo Carrillo (Teacher Eduardo)

commented on a post on Blogger.
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Great idea in making the activity interactive using the text and the presentation. The links within the presentation are an excellent idea.

It is actuallly possible to create links between slides. Here are the steps:
1) select the desired text
2) right-click on the selected text
4) select "link" from the contextual menu
5) a pop up with a list of options is shown
6) select "slides from this presentation"
7) select the target slide for the link
8) apply changes

Do these steps for each of the links. Because changes are saved automatically, you don't have to republish or embed the presentation. It will just start working.
Simple past tense with regular and irregular verbs The simple past tense is expressing an action that has happened or a state that previously existed. (Oxford dictionary)  INSTRUCTIONS: read the following story and th...
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English Teacher
Language Learning and Computers,
  • Facultad de Idiomas - UABC
    English Teacher, 2002 - present
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Calzada Universidad #14418, Parque Industrial Internacional Tijuana C.P. 22427
Profesor de Asignatura en Facultad de Idiomas
Eduardo Carrillo is an English teacher in UABC Language Faculty in Tijuana. He started his teaching practice in 2001 with 2nd grade elementary children. After 5 months of teaching, Eduardo is accepted as a teacher at UABC Language Center in Ensenada B.C.

In 2005 he moved to Tijuana to continue working at UABC Language Center. As part of the teaching staff, Eduardo expands his range of teaching different levels from first to sixth as well as participate in extra course such as English for Graduates, Saturday courses and also some English courses requested by companies.

What kind of content do I generate?
This profile is mostly dedicated to English teaching and learning so most posts are relevant to education. However, I do post the occasional video, photo or text about other non-educational things.

Some circles you can put me in are:
  • English Teachers
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  • Language Learning
Join my Circles
Depending on response, I will post content to contextual circles. If you want to be part of one, or more, of my cirlces, drop me a message or plus me in a post:
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Collections Eduardo is following
  • Facultad de Idiomas - UABC
    Licenciatura en Docencia del Idioma Inglés, 2004 - 2010
  • University of Southampton
    MA in ELT (online), 2014 - 2016
    Maestría sobre la enseñanza del idioma inglés en donde enfoqué mis esfuerzos hacia la educación a distancia como tema de disertación y futura investigación.
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Evaluating a Distance Course

Evaluating a distance course can be as hard and difficult or as simple and easy as we, distance teachers, manage the course. For this, is im

Goal 5.2

Conjunctions: Conjunctions are words used to connect other words and phrases together. Example: I wanted to go but she said no, and Tom just

Goal 6.1: Assessment in the online course

Assessment Evaluation is a process that develops throughout a course as a whole. Part of this final evaluation consists in smaller and speci

GOAL 6.1

Evaluation in Distance Education Understanding how learners react when teaching in-class courses is, up to a certain point, something unders


Hi, to everybody: I'm teacher Marcela and I have posted a ppt. on the topic the present perfect. Is a good source I hope you like it. In cas

U5: Activity 5.2

Well guys, this is my activity. It is designed for beginners, so it should not be so difficult. Its topic is "Animals and Places". Instructi

Activity 5.2

Which materials are optimal for a distance course? I think that the examples are very good, but the last three are the ones that might work

Activity 4.1

Here is our presentation about Udemy You can visit the page by clicking HERE

GOAL 4.1

SCHOOLOGY: a great virtual learning platform Schoology is an innovative learning management system (LMS) that makes academic content easy to

A good comunication online

Students in online classes are like any normal kind of student, there are different types but there is something special about them. Instead


Goal 3.1 A difficult experience (personal story) I would like to share a difficult experience that I had once in regards of a school subject

Activity 2.1

Distance classes are a very helpful way to learn to some people, meanwhile for others can be quite stressful, and it has to do a lot with th


Distance education and open education When speaking about learning, there are many ways in which a person may enjoy and practice this proces

Distance and Open education: Their reality

Distance and open education share similar features. Perhaps the main difference is distance education is a lot alike traditional, where they


“An Expression in Search of a Definition” Nyberg (2010) proposes “the following as a definition of ‘open education. “Open education” is that

Teachers of the future

Comparison Between Distance and Presential Education Talking about presential classes can be easily related to traditional education, and th

Activity 1.1

Comparison between classroom education and virtual education Classroom education requires the learner to attend a formal class in a learning

Excelente Facultad que cuenta con licenciaturas en Docencia de Idiomas y Traducción así como Maestría en Lenguas Modernas además de diversos proyectos de vinculación. Se debe mencionar también el centro de idiomas que ofrece cursos de inglés, alemán, japonés, italiano y francés a la comunidad universitaria y público en general. Orgullosamente cuenta con el primer centro de medios certificado a nivel nacional mejor conocido como CEMAAI en donde los usuarios pueden asistir y dar seguimiento a su aprendizaje de idiomas al utilizar el materíal didáctico ofrecido y los servicios de Talleres de Aprendizaje y Tutorías por solo mencionar algunos.
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En más de una ocasión en buscado libros en otros lugares y cada vez he encontrado que en "El Día" siempre lo tienen y más barato
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