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Eduardo Cano
Different only means different. Be better
Different only means different. Be better

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Smart cities need smart cars: In the future, your car will be able to “see” through buildings
#smartcars #smartcities #driverlesscars #V2X

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Millennials Skip Online Video Ads, Find Mobile Ads Irrelevant
The latest Deloitte “Digital Democracy Survey” says 80% will skip digital TV/video commercials -- and over 70% of Millennials and younger Gen Z viewers find mobile ads to be “irrelevant.”

Ad-blocking software is a big part of Millennials' digital media usage: 45% use it, with 89% indicating that the primary reason is to avoid all advertising. In addition, 40% of these respondents also noted the use of ad-blocking software on their smartphones.

Traditional TV is still a major part of overall media consumption. But the study says virtually all -- 99% -- of millennials and Gen Z multitask while watching TV.

Activities include texting, browsing the Web, using social networks, reading email and online shopping.

#DigitalMarketing #mobile #millennials 

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"Why have modular smartphones failed?*

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Cycling day in Madrid Mountains! 
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Las 6 novedades que ya conocemos de Android O
1.- Nuevas notificaciones
2.- Picture-in-picture
3.- Barra de selección texto inteligente
4.- Limitación de los servicios en segundo plano


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How Artificial Intelligence Is Changing Talent Acquisition
-Application #1: AI for candidate sourcing
-Application #2: AI for candidate screening
-Application #3: AI for candidate matching


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Nokia 3310 is back. WTF?
When people say retro us back, I'm sure they mean something else.

I can't imagine even by a second this strategy will work

#nokia #3310 #nokia3310 #mwc2017

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Why are there no new mobile Operating Systems?

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7 amazing technologies we'll see by 2030

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