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UK to Achieve World First as Half of Media Ad Spend Goes Digital

The UK will reach a major milestone this year, as it is set to become the first country in the world where digital media will take a 50% share of advertising spending.

In the UK, digital ad growth will be driven mostly by spending on mobile, which is expected to rise 45.0% this year to over £3.26 billion ($5.37 billion), up from about £1.18 billion ($1.94 billion) in 2013.

This year alone, mobile will account for 20.1% of total media spending in the UK, compared with 16.6% for print.

The biggest casualty of the surge in UK digital advertising has been traditional print media, with newspapers and magazines struggling to hold on to their market share.

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Amazon presenta planes para almacenamiento ilimitado en la nube

Unlimited Photos Plan: Almacenamiento ilimitado de fotos por 12 dólares al año (1 dolar al mes), permitiendo que guardemos tantas imágenes como queramos desde cámaras, móviles u ordenador.

Unlimited Everything Plan, con un valor de 60 dólares al año. Con este plan podemos guardar lo que queramos, sin preocuparnos del espacio: vídeos, fotos, archivos, documentos, música, películas… cualquier cosa.

Ojo, vamos a planes de datos ilimitados, como ya ofrece Yoigo por 30€/mes, y a almacenamiento ilimitado en la nube. Vamos a un futuro donde las memorias internas y las SD no serán necesarias (no con el concepto actual) porque todo estará en la nube

CC +Fares Kameli+rafael perez

#Amazon #CloudComputing 
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Si tenéis gigas y gigas de fotos en dropbox, varios teras de vídeo en discos portátiles y documentos de todo tipo en Google Drive, seguramente os interesar
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EVE: Valkyrie - Gameplay Trailer (Fanfest 2015)

Games based on Virtually Reality will be the next battlefield in the gaming arena, and look amazing!
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Boeing patents force fields from Star Wars
It does really look Science Fiction! 
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Project Management longest phase
This phase lasts throughout the project life... and beyond!
#projectmanagement   #humor  
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Google Glass isn't dead, it's being 'made ready for users,' says Eric Schmidt
"We ended the Explorer program and the press conflated this into us canceling the whole project, which isn’t true," Schmidt told the Wall Street Journal. "Google is about taking risks and there’s nothing about adjusting Glass that suggests we’re ending it." Schmidt added that Glass remains a "big and very fundamental platform for Google," and that just like the company's self-driving cars, the wearable device is a work in progress that will take years to come to fruition. "[It's] like saying the self-driving car is a disappointment because it’s not driving me around now," said Schmidt.

Reports last December suggested that Google might be planning to launch a new, cheaper version of Glass this year. Intel was said to be supplying the innards, with the updated model also reportedly offering a refreshed design and longer battery life. Looking at this list of rumored fixes, it's clear that Google has a lot of work to do to make Glass a viable product. However, Schmidt's comments suggest the company is nothing if not committed. We haven't seen the end of Glass.

#Glass   #GoogleGlass  
After Google stopped selling its wearable Glass device in January this year, many people speculated that the controversial gadget was on its way out for good. However, Google's executive chairman...
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Apple Watch Epic Fail

A parody about having the Apple Watch and Siri working at the same time and trying to answer a call :-)

#applewatch #siri 
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Wearable Tech Will Shift From Novelty To Norm In The Next 5 Years

Though predictions on ramifications varied, most agreed, “there will be a global, immersive, invisible, ambient networked computing environment built through the continued proliferation of smart sensors, cameras, software, databases, and massive data centres.”

In a few years, wearable devices will go from novelty to norm in the workplace. Here are a few wearable tech trends that will impact the way we work together in 2020:

1. We will remember more accurately

2. We’ll work better together in long-distance

3. Measure productivity and job satisfaction differently

4. We will change what we look at when hiring

5. Stay on task better

As we ardently invest in technology to meet the growing needs of our lifestyles, we’ll begin to see the benefits cross over into our work lives as well. We’ll be more connected, a little more psychic, and remember more. Hopefully these insights will lead us to collaborate and understand one another better

#wearabletech #wearablecomputing #wearables 
Though this prediction is still a few years out from the year 2020, 83 percent of experts say wearable tech will have a "widespread and beneficial effect" on the public by the year 2025, according ...
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How music labels are trying to kill off Spotify’s unlimited free streaming

Universal Music told the Financial Times they’re pressuring Spotify to curtail the features offered in its free version. Universal is hoping stricter limits will convert more listeners to paying subscribers.

Rather unsurprisingly, this move comes after last month’s Billboard report that Spotify was the driving force behind Universal’s 75% bump in streaming revenue for 2014.

Currently, Spotify offers unlimited on-demand streaming on computers, but limits mobile devices to a randomized, more Pandora-like service. Paid subscribers (full disclosure: that includes me) hear no ads and get access to things like higher-quality streams and offline access.

Spotify has long said that a robust free service is the only proven way to convert users to paid subscribers. At a 2013 conference unveiling Spotify’s newly unlimited mobile services, CEO Daniel Ek said “We’re giving people the best free music experience in the history of the smartphone. And the more you play, the more likely you are to pay.”

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Mobile Ad Revenues Will Blow Past Desktop Ad Spend By Early Next Year
Despite the reality that people are now spending more time on their smartphones and tablets, the amount companies spend on mobile ads has trailed behind.
But finally, that’s about to change.

Still, the ascent of mobile ads also shines a light on continuing challenges. For one, says Ackley, advertisers still have a tough time determining when clicks result in a sale or other “conversion” such as an app installation or a sales lead of some kind. Google, Facebook, Marin, and many other companies are devising ways to do that–for instance, at its two-day developer conference starting today in San Francisco, Facebook may announce a way to measure whether an ad caused someone to install an app. But there’s no overriding standard yet for this conversion tracking.

In fact, mobile advertising only makes it tougher, because people clearly shuttle during the day between mobile and desktop devices, making it all the harder to track if an ad on mobile, say, resulted in a purchase on a computer or in a store. Again, the big companies and startups alike are focused on cracking this nut, but it’s still a big challenge for marketers. It may be one reason that consumers appear more likely to buy on their computer than their phones, which they use more for research

#mobile   #mobilemarketing  
Ad spending on mobile devices will surpass what advertisers spend on the desktop Web late this year or early next year, according to two new reports.
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Top 10 Humanoid Robots Designed To Match Human Capabilities And Emotions

Just late last year it was posited that the humanoid robot was poised to take a leap from a mere facsimile of human behaviour, to one that futurists suggest, will walk like a human and possess self awareness as well as a full range of high-tech computational spectrum analysis and capabilities and emotions.

Some are predicting that robots of all types could fully replace humans by 2045. Artificial intelligence is now advancing to a point where a new type of brain can be offered to complement the relatively menial tasks of modern-day robotics, hinting at the next stage of machine evolution.

The current list of robots designed over the last few years to match human capability demonstrate what is described above could become reality sooner than we think:

1. Atlas Unplugged

2. ASIMO And Honda P-Series

3. iCub

4. Poppy

5. Romeo

6. Petman

7. NAO

8. RoboThespian

9. Actroid-SIT

10. Robotic Pole Dancers – Lexy And Tess

Just late last year it was posited that the humanoid robot was poised to take a leap from a mere facsimile of human behaviour, to one that futurists suggest, will walk like a human and possess self...
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Eduardo Cano

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Snapchat podría retransmitir eventos deportivos
Ojo con snapchat y la cada vez más influyente Mensajería Instantánea.
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Different only means different. Be better
Eduardo Cano, Parques Reunidos' Digital Marketing and Innovation Director. Project Director. Looking for challenging projects, a very active and problem-solving person :). Knowmad spirit.

Technology driven, dynamic, restless mind. I am an Internet professional with a very clear understanding of the challenges we are facing everyday. I also like working on my own online business to learn, and willing to help those who need it. Count on me and get results :). Abstract mind. I see (easy) solutions to problems as they arise. 

Project Management (PMP), Innovation, New Technologies Evangelist, Socialholic, Digital Marketer and a great speaker. Technology and Innovation projects are my passion, my hobby and my way of life.
About my way of life, something is sure... The Future (and our lives) is mobile and now, wearable.

Do not miss my personal site about mobile marketing and technology Blog of Eduardo Cano (in spanish)
Bragging rights
Great Marks, a challenging and nice job. Lecturer in the Master Degree "Publicity, Communication and Social Networks" in "Instituto Europeo Di Design". Abstract mind. I always come with easy solutions to complex problems
Director of Digital Markeitng and Innovaiton. Lecturer at Instituto Europeo di Design. Technology consultant .
Project Leader (PMP), e-commerce, Online Marketing, Inbound Marketing, Technology, Mobile Development, SEO
  • Instituto Europeo De Design
    Lecturer, 2012 - present
    Postgraduate Lecturer of "e-business" and "Digital Marketing, Social Media and Communication"
  • Parques Reunidos
    Director of Internet and New Technologies, 2007 - present
    Director of Digital Marketing and Innovation. Project Director. Focused on e-commece, Digital Marketing, Mobile and innovation. Bringing projects home safely :)
  • Réplicas Airsoft
    Founder and owner, 2012 - 2012
  • The CCT Consulting SL
    2012 - 2012
  • El Corte Inglés
    New Technologies Analyst, 2002 - 2007
    Responsible in the New Technologies department of market researches and benchmarkings about the market, the company's position and the customer trends on the Internet.
  • Google
    Quality Rater, 2006 - 2006
    Improving Google's algorithms rating searches and sites tagging fraudulent sites, spam-sites, or sites with fraudulent practises (cloaking, farming...)
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A great company, managing from Madrid a lot of Parks throughout Europe and the US.
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La mejor heladería de Almuñécar. Muy buenos precios y ofertas de productos. Los crepes y los batidos de helados, insuperables
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Very good experience and comfortable rooms, nice service, lounges and breakfast is ok. My experience with Danish hotels, in general, has been bad but Imperial Hotel met my expectations and I'd come back
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Muy bueno, sobre todo si te gusta la comida Americana. La carne tiene una gran calidad y la hacen en su punto. Si acaso... Que echan pocas patatas :-D
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Muy bueno. La fritura espectacular, hasta arriba. La ensalada de salmón con aguacate, digna del mejor gourmet
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Buen sitio, obtienes realmente lo que esperas, es lo bueno de las franquicias. El trato, correcto.
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Muy recomendable, buena comida y buen servicio
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