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"La motivación es un estado mental deliberado"
"La motivación es un estado mental deliberado"


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Puede usarse el Ninebot One cada día para tareas cotidianas? Mira el vídeo.

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Alucinante. En 5 años nos moveremos así en las ciudades.

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Hello! I'm trying to run a sample program that uses fragments and I can not make it work despite I'm including all the libraries needed.

The program should create a Time Picker similar to the Google Calendar one. this is the github project:

Please any help will be appreciated!

How can I search for a specific topic inside this community? Let's say I want to read posts about maven repos.
All posts seems to be organised by timeline which makes searching very complicated.
Rgds and thank you

Hello everybody!
This sample project do not compile correctly. Any idea?

Thank you!

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I want to include this Sweet material design library to my project (see bottom of post)

But I have to face two problems:

1.- Does anybody can run the sample in AIDE after importing the git project?

2.- I'm not used to gradle and my project is Eclipse. Can I import this gradle library? How?

Thank you very much!


I want to store some user preferences of my app in my device. As far as I know I have to create a package.name_preferences.xml in a shared_prefs folder.

The problem is that this folder is created automatically in PC Eclipse program, but not in AIDE. Where must I place this folder in the AIDE UI Folder System?

There is another way to save user preferences with AIDE?

Thank you

I'm creating my first app and I want to include a preference section and store this settings in the mobile.
For that I created a folder and a file:
When I paste the code I receive 74 errors, v7t themost i portant is:

"aapt: Error parsing XML:not well-formed (invalid token)"

The code is:
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>

android:key= "preferencias_principal" >

android:title="Reproducir musica”
android:summary="Se reproduce música de fondo" />

android:title="Tipo de gráficos”
android:summary="Se escoge la representación de gráficos"

< EditTextPreference
android:title="Número de Fragmentos"
android:summary="En cuantos trozos se divide un asteroide"
android:default.Value= "3" />


Any suggestions? I think that this is happening always I try to create a new xml file in a different folder than the classical layout folder.
Thank you very much!
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