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What does this mean xD
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+Jesus M. Rodriguez WoW, I found you :D!
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Wasn't there a plan to finaly add all kinds of proprietary drivers to elementary Isis by default to make the life of people easier?...
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+Eduard Gotwig It's illegal in parts of the world and not in others... They have separate builds/images without proprietary codecs, drivers etc. for US/where ever it's illegal to distribute those without a licence... This is from the dl page (
" A version without multimedia support. For magazines, companies and distributors in the USA, Japan and countries where the legislation allows patents to apply to software and distribution of restricted technologies may require the acquisition of 3rd party licenses*."
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Eduard Gotwig

commented on a video on YouTube.
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nice, I saw your phoronix post :D
WINE is really some awesome piece of software, no linux/unix user wants to miss!
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Yes on actual state wine has progress so much in lastest 5 years, not work for recent games aka: DX10-DX11 but mostly games is DX9 and for this reason wine its a option to consider but not for all but many things works
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Don't :3
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I have people come up to me say that they disable selinux because it is NSA spyware! :)
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What do you think about these Ubuntu startup sounds?
Award winning composer Sam Hulick, famed for his music scores in top tier gaming titles like Mass Effect, has released a set of alternative start-up sounds
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Nothing interesting for me...
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Eduard Gotwig

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Probably not the right place to ask, but does anyone of you know when the berlin wall does finally fall, and GNOME and elementary will merge :D?

I just tried Maya, and damn it got so pretty! I think its useless to duplicate the affords to develop great applications for end users!

Here are just some areas where a final merge would make sense:
Design: GNOME still looks kind of goofy... elementary on the other side is very good to read for the eye, I dont wear my glasses and use it for hours without problems. The icon and font settings make sense and are pleasant to the human eye.

Application Interfaces: elemenentary introduced with Granite all new widgets, GTK+ developers could help to integrate them finally in the row set of their Human-Interface-Guidelines!

Consistecy: All official elementary apps are developed in Vala, something similiar to the guidelines for developing great apps on Mac OS X, when there is a special language of choice thats focused on developing great apps with GTK+, why don't prefer and use it?!

OS-Independent: It doesnt matter if you love BSD or some Linux distro, and it shouldnt bother application developers a lot. If distributors use the GNOME tarballs they can target OS-independent applications. That is good for the downstream, and upstream developers shouldnt bother. For GNOME, elementary could be finally the official downstream solution to reach the masses.

Solid-Foundation: The GNOME project has a foundation which covers the interest of a lot of GNOME activities world wide, and enables international conferences. Money shouldnt stop innovation.
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+Eduard Gotwig Maybe through other projects like +Yorba there is a possibility to create apps that follow application guidelines for both environments but still ...
Now Yorba wants to create a calendar even if it'll have integration with geary i find it a little bit redundant because there is already GNOME calendar and Maya.
I hope Yorba will  create more unique apps and not yet another application in the future .. 
I think GNOME should carry more about the real back-end stuff like the toolkit, libraries, GTK on Android, etc. where third party developers like elementary can build their stuff on it.  
The perfect thing would be if GNOME would build the back-end and elementary the front-end but this will never happen.
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Eduard Gotwig

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Isn't GNOME's Epiphany much superior to Midori? It works wonderful as a webbrowser. However there are no addons in Epiphany, and adjusting the adblocker list is problematic...
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+Stephen Myall no, but it looks pretty decent, like firefox
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Eduard Gotwig

commented on a post on Blogger.
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On September, 24 I will turn 20 years :D
Nice birthday present, +GNOME !  GNOME 3.14 will be released as well.
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haha that is cool!
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Eduard Gotwig

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The default userstring in dconf is an empty string. What does this mean?
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I don't know how it reads the default value (if empty), but I printed the value on the first image. 
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Less is more. I want a more minimal activities overview for GNOME 3.14! I also want that the background color of the panel at the top fits the background, ideally becomes transparent, like in +elementary, and that the dock becomes default part of the +GNOME concept for 3.14.
Make the background of the dock transparent, and add a blur effect if needed, with the right color blur effect, fitting the background image.
Scale down Gnome-Shell in general (by 5%!):
Dash and Dock progress

Who's up for another video of progress in Atom?
Oh wait, that would be ... like everyone.
The video demos bugfixes on the Dock and what is more exciting - ordered by usage of apps Dash.

P.S. We apologise for the lack of voice over, but the audio setup of the machine on which the video was recorded is far from perfect.
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Hey Eduard - I have my dash deleted and docky running at the bottom - but although I do love docky, I would probably run the dash down there if I could.

It appears that is what you are running at the bottom - or is it some dock made up to resemble the dash?

If it is the dash - how did you get it to the bottom?  Is there an extension which does this?

Thanks for any info!
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Contao 3 CMS / Java developing with basic GWT support / Python 3 / Vala / Ansi C
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Ich befinde mich derzeit am Ende meines 3. Semesters für die Ausbildung zum Assistenten für Anwendungsentwicklung, im Bereich Medieninformatik, mit Schwerpunkt auf Game-Development. Bis jetzt gefällt mir die Ausbildung ganz gut. Im ersten Semester, wurde allen ein guter Einstieg vermittelt. Im zweiten Semester folgten einige Projektarbeiten, verbunden mit den üblichen Aufgaben im LMS (Lern-Management-System) Was mir nicht immer gefällt, aber verständlich ist, ist dass mit professioneller kommerzieller Software für Projekte gearbeitet werden muss, wo dies unvermeidlich ist um Chancengleichheit zwischen den Schülern herzustellen. Hier hätte ich lieber auf kostenlose, freie Software zurückgegegriffen (Vergleiche, 3DS Max (kommerziel) und Blender (FLOSS)) Was bei dieser Schule nicht wirklich vermittelt wird ist Organisation von Projekt-Arbeiten und Eigenständigkeit. Es reicht nicht aus, einfach nur am Unterricht teilzunehmen. Da die Informatik sich fortlaufend immer weiter entwickelt, ist Eigeninitiative gefragt. Die schlechten Bewertungen seitens anderer über das b.i.b finde ich für unzutreffend. In meinem Vertrag (2011) stand eindeutig dass es sich um einen Gang zum Assistenten handelt.
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