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Eduard F.
Beach, fun, sun, and peace of mind
Beach, fun, sun, and peace of mind
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Memories of old times... :-)
 (courtesy of JMM)
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Classroom 101

School might be out for the summer, but Classroom is just getting started. Check out this walkthrough video for a preview of how it works for teachers and students.

More teaching. Less tech-ing.

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Skip the cheesy Wagner quote and the purple lava lamps at the beginning and prepare to be awed.

Most of the bad music of my lifetime is redeemed somewhere in this two hours; every grunt of crappy three-chord rock, sigh of excessively involuted jazz, and squeal of self-indulgent "progressive" bloat was worth living through because they fused and in the hands of genius gave rise to... this.

Liquid Tension Experiment, Live in LA, 2008.

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Wie Tabellen eigentlich aussehen sollten: 
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The Google's Way

Youtube users: "Gosh darn it...They tricked me!" via @imgur

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Daily chart: When population density is measured by standard methods (according to which population is divided by land area) small countries and territories rank among the world’s most crowded. Today’s chart offers an alternative approach which is to divide the urban population by the area taken up by cities. This method reveals why some places feel much more crowded than conventional comparisons suggest. View chart via

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And Spain's.

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The Browser Book of Quotations

Entertainment provides relief. Art provokes engagement.
David Foster Wallace

We have our Arts so we won’t die of Truth.
Ray Bradbury

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Quoting Richard Brodie (From his Book "Virus of the Mind"):

"Imagine you lived on an island in the South Pacific with a population of 650. You make your living by swimming around in the azure waters around your idyllic paradise and spearing fish for dinner. Yum, yum.

About once every ten years, a stray shark happens by and eats a swimmer. That's a 1-in-6,500 chance of any one person being eaten by a shark, just the same as the odds of dying in an automobile accident in the U.S. in 1992.

Also, about once every 20 years, two men get into an overheated argument over a fish or a woman and one of them kills the other with his spear. That's a 1-in-13,000 chance of being killed in an argument, just the same as the odds of being killed by someone else with a gun in the U.S. in 1992.

These are very sad events, and probably dinner-table conversation for quite a few days, but not the be-all and end-all of life. Fortunately, since you live on an isolated island, these events come and go, and life goes on.

But now imagine there are 392,000 of these islands all linked by television and INN (Island News Network). This brings the total population to about 254 million, less than the U.S. today. Every night, INN reports on the goriest of the 107 shark attacks and 54 spear deaths that day. Suddenly people's picture of the world is quite different. From a peaceful existence disrupted only by a tragedy every few years, you go to a fear-ridden hell filled with crime and terror.

Isn't this interesting? Nothing has changed except the addition of television.

Yet now it feels like you're living in a dangerous world, not an idyllic paradise. Same number of shark attacks, same number of spear deaths. What happened?"
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