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Highlighting Strategies for Student Success
Highlighting Strategies for Student Success

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Lindsay Unified is part of a growing national movement that embraces "performance-based learning" which allows students to work at their own pace, be in charge of their own learning and advance only when they can show they understand the material.

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For school districts, the Fire Academy is part of a new wave of career training pathways that help prepare students for very specific jobs. For fire departments, it's part of an effort to bring in diverse recruits from the communities they serve.

The steady increase of incidents reported over the years echoes a greater awareness among school personnel of sociological, psychological and emotional factors that shape children well before they step into a classroom.

California’s political institutions remain firmly in Democratic hands where there's strong support among elected officials and teachers unions for reforms already underway.

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The study found that state-supported, high-quality early childhood programs helped kids with preventable categories of learning disabilities, such as developmental delays. In addition, the pre-kindergarten program helped children with a variety of health impairments and those who were mildly mentally disabled.

Developmental courses are supposed to prepare students for college-level work and do not carry credits counting toward degrees or certificates. But the more such courses students are required to take, the more likely they are to drop out before they get to credit-bearing classes.

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More than 360,000 immigrants in California, the largest number in any state in the country, are here under temporary amnesty from deportation under a federal program called DACA — Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals. With a stroke of a pen when he takes office, Trump can eliminate the program.
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