Just as well, I never bothered owning a console to begin with. I've always felt in the end, the limitation of what you can do with a gamepad limits the complexity on what games can do.

I like a little more thought and rational to my games to what most console games can provide.
Following a disappointing console showing at E3 2012, commenter DocSeuss believes now is the best time to throw off our proprietary shackles and make the PC plunge.
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I recently started playing games on the PC instead of the Xbox (Skyrim was what convinced me to make the switch). Never going back!
You should try strategy games as well. RTS's like Starcraft and Warcraft is worth a play. If you already haven't as well, play Portal and Portal 2. It's worthwhile signing up for a Steam account as well. A lot of good games you can obtain digitally from there. GoG also has a nice assortment of older classic games too if you want that avenue to explore.
Ah, I'd forgotten to mention my years of addiction to the Civilization series...ever since Civ II. That was the only game I ever played on PC for a long time. I like turn-based strategy, RTS is more stressful!
Then if you don't mind old games and RPG's. I would recommend Fallout 1, Fallout 2 and Arcanum if you haven't played them before. They are real time, but the combat is turn based. The worlds are just as big as Skyrim, but they are isometric rather than first person.

Also if you were addicted to Civilisation, then I would also recommend the Simcity series, with SimCity 4 being the last one made. Though real time, you don't really have to rush because you can slow down or pause the speed in which time flows. Like Civ, instead of building an empire, you're building your dream city.
I haven't played any of those games, always happy to have some recommendations! 2 children and working from home doesn't leave me much time for games though...but somehow I do manage :-)
If you somehow could fit Skyrim into your schedule, you can fit these games. Nothing I know is as addictive as Skyrim. You can easily purchase and download these games at http://gog.com Even better is that despite being old games, they retool it so that you're able to run it on the latest Windows.
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