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Edmondo Antonacci

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Did you notice ranking changes with your web sites over this past weekend?
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Edmondo Antonacci

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Hi people!

I have written recently a blog about getting more info from your Hotjar recordings in Google analytics and vice versa by using Google Tag Manager. A good example of the possibilities of GTM. Maybe useful for some of you!

Greetings Marthijn
Track your Hotjar visitors in Google Analytics & vice versa! In this tutorial I will explain you how you to set it up with the Google Tagmanager.
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Edmondo Antonacci

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EXCELLENT ― Awesome optical illusions using #typography
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Edmondo Antonacci

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User Interfaces should be predictable. Not like suspense thrillers where you don’t know what’s coming next. Users should…
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vero, infatti non condivido la soluzione. le icone sopra non si possono vedere. però è un tema interessante è qualcosa che espliciti come si aprono i link non sarebbe male
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Edmondo Antonacci

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Correctly tracking subdomains in Universal Analytics

Subdomain tracking has long been glossed over as something that works "by default" when using Universal Analytics. Well, yes and no. It will work "by default" if:

1) You copy-paste the Universal Analytics tracking code snippet from your Property settings onto your page and don't change the cookieDomain setting (which is 'auto')


2) Your visitors first visit the root domain ( or and then subdomains

The TL;DR of the article is this:

To make sure that subdomain tracking always works in Universal Analytics, make sure you have the cookieDomain : auto setting in your tracker or in the Fields to Set section of your Google Analytics Tags in Google Tag Manager.

#gde   #googletagmanager   #googleanalytics   #blogpost  
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Edmondo Antonacci

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Edmondo Antonacci

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#GTMTips: GTM Container Snippet In The <HEAD>

The current (and only) recommendation for adding the Google Tag Manager container snippet dictates that it should be added to the beginning of the <body> of the document. As far as I know, there are three reasons for this:

1) IE7 and earlier have issues with certain DOM methods in the container snippet and in the library itself.

2) An <iframe> in the <head> is invalid HTML.

3) Search Console validation won't work if the container snippet is in the <head>.

In this post, I'll briefly tackle these three points, wrapping up with a conclusion that it's perfectly fine to add the snippet to the <head> of the document if you're aware of the caveats. In fact, it might even be preferable to do so if you want to improve data collection quality.

#gde   #googletagmanager   #blogpost   #gtmtips  
I want to address something I’ve been confused about from the very first day since I started using Google Tag Manager. Why on earth would an asynchronously loading JavaScript library be recommended to place in the beginning of <body>, when the logical place to start loading dependencies is as early as possible in the document …
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Edmondo Antonacci

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The Keyword Research Tools Universe in 2015

I've collected and shared the results from the 300+ responses received in my survey on keyword research tools:

Many thanks to all who participated!
In 2015, I’ve been pretty obsessed with keyword research and the tools web marketers are using to do it. I’ve made no secret of the fact that I’m working with Russ Jones (after our SERPscape acquisition) and a small team at Moz to build something in this space. But, I’m always trying to learn more …
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Edmondo Antonacci

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New feature: Google Analytics Calculated Metrics

You can now create your own custom Calculated Metrics within +Google Analytics, this allows you to combine existing metrics to make your own superheroes, I mean, your own metrics.

If you’re new to Google Analytics, then you’re probably not going to want to jump into Calculated Metrics immediately. There are plenty of awesome standard metrics, like sessions, user, pageviews, bounce rate and conversion rate to get you started.

However, if the standard metrics aren’t cutting it for you there is now the option to create your own. I’m not going to go into detail about how to configure them here, but you can find details at:

Here are some ideas for Calculated Metrics to get you thinking :

Weighted Bounce Rate where you give more credit to your most popular pages

Pageviews per User where the number of pageviews is divided by users instead of sessions
Multi-page Sessions to understand people viewing more than a single page in a session

Repeat Pageviews when people are viewing a page more than once in a session

User Conversion Rate because session based conversions are so 2014

Event Conversions to see custom interactions (like video views) leading to conversions

Mobile Conversions and Non-Mobile Conversions which explain themselves

(Some of these ideas come via Adobe.)

Do you think any of these Calculated Metrics would help you understand your audience more? Are you planning on creating your own? I’d love to hear your thoughts!

#GoogleAnalytics   #Measure  
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Edmondo Antonacci

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Introducing Calculated Metrics for Google Analytics
#analytics   #measure   #metrics  

Calculated Metrics are user-defined metrics that are computed from existing metrics and drive more relevant analyses and enable greater actionability without leaving the product.

To create a new calculated metric in Google Analytics follow these steps:

1. Select the Admin tab
2. Navigate to the appropriate VIEW
3. Click on Calculated Metrics

Learn more on our Help Center:
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Edmondo Antonacci

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Announcing @screamingfrog SEO Spider 4.0 - . Google Analytics integration, custom extraction & more!
Version 4.0 of the Screaming Frog SEO Spider crawler now includes Google Analytics integration, custom extraction (scraping) and much more!
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Duermo poco, sueño mucho.
Sono Edmondo Antonacci, vivo a Milano e adoro viaggiare.

Quando non viaggio, mi occupo di un'altra mia grande passione, il digital marketing. 

Il focus delle mie attività ruota attorno alla SEO, alla Web Analytics e alla Conversion Rate Optimization. In generale amo tutto ciò che può essere definito "ottimizzazione" o "miglioramento continuo" di un prodotto/servizio, ma anche di se stessi. 
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