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It is just under 30 days until the official start of hurricane season 2016. According to reports, El Nino is weakening, however the water is the North Atlantic is still quite cold, the result 2016 will be about 95% of average so expect an uptick from last season…I know what season?, remember however it just takes one hurricane to strike Florida , so be prepared by preparing early:

Most of us who have been through Andrew, Charley, Katrina and Wilma to name a few, understand the importance of planning ahead, even those new to Florida should understand the importance of the basics: an operational generator (electricity can be out for over 1 week) , fuel, food, flashlights etc.

However how many times has anyone told you to wash your cloths prior to the storm? that’s right clean cloths. How about a nice supply of trash bags, toilet paper, cash for when the ATM’s and credit cards terminals are down? Speaking of which typically when you’re A/C is down, you open the windows….don’t forget the mosquito spray. Put all your important photos and records to a DVD, then into a protective waterproof case (even a waterproof plastic bag), and of course if you have pets, pet supplies.

Now, not later, is the time to review your homeowner’s insurance coverage to make sure that you have the proper coverage in place: do you have coverage for WIND?, do you have replacement cost?, do you need flood insurance? Those are just some of the questions you should ask.

Thank you!

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