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Reality is a poor substitute for a good fantasy!
Reality is a poor substitute for a good fantasy!


Sigh...ok, it's official. We need to find a place to live by June 1st. So..everyone keep an eye out. We need a 2 bedroom that will accept a cat. Looks like we might be moving far north or south if we can't find a place around here (and we probably can't).

Random Doubles @Taylor Mtn. First group tee-off 5pm.

Nice day for Handicap Singles @ Crane Creek 5pm. Bring your bag tags!

Random Doubles today @ Taylor Mountain at 5pm.

Handicap Singles today @Crane Creek 5pm.

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Ok, the first tournament for the Amateur Disc Golf Association is in the books.

Huge thanks go out to Dale Gatlin who stopped by (on his birthday no less) and gave our clinic! Everyone said they learned a lot and loved the clinic. Dale did a tremendous job and we can't thank him enough! We owe you Dale!!

For this tournament, certificates for prize value will be mailed directly to the players with instructions for redemption. I have not received the reporting form yet, but those wanting to know their placements you can see the preliminary listing over at

We would be very interested in knowing how the participants feel about the tournament and particularly the format. This will determine whether we keep doing these and how often we do them. We also want to know how the follow-up goes. How long does it take for you to receive your awards? I am calculating what the payout should be according to the scale they published, Please let me know if their awards match. How easy is it to claim your awards? How long before your merchandise is delivered? Do you have any suggestions...comments...? Should we have more of these? At present we are planning on quarterly (tentatively the next would be July 7) Would you prefer Saturday or Sunday.

One of the comments suggested that they would rather pay $20 for the event and have their choice of "Pro" plastic instead of the "DX" plastic that was offered, and I will happily pass that suggestion along.

We had several no-shows and are holding their plastic for them. They can pick their disc up at Crane Creek on Tuesday after 5pm or at Taylor on Wednesday after 5pm.
Otherwise, they will need to email us at webmama at ufosdg dot org to figure out how to get their discs.

Random Doubles @ Taylor Mtn today 5pm.

Handicap Singles today @ Crane Creek 5pm.

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Last day to register for the Amateur Tournament on April 8 @ Taylor Mountain. Visit

Random Doubles today @ Taylor Mountain 5pm
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