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EM Houston
Reality is a poor substitute for a good fantasy!
Reality is a poor substitute for a good fantasy!


Random Doubles tomorrow at Noon @ Taylor Mountain. Ace Pool (rebuilding) $20.00

Just in time for Christmas! Claire Nyholm aced hole 2 @ Taylor Mountain today and took home $250.00!! She and her partner, Rich Lopez also took First place with a score of 40 and took home $20 each for that!

Random Doubles tomorrow at noon @ Taylor Mtn. Ace Pool $2

Random Doubles at noon tomorrow @ Taylor. Ace pool $203!!

Reminder that there is no Taylor Mtn weekly tomorrow due to the Turkey Shoot!

Random Doubles tomorrow @ Taylor Mountain at Noon. Ace Pool $203...

Leif Ludwig and Christian Holbrook were our first place winners at Taylor Doubles today! They take home $12 each and we have their winnings. They can either pick up their $$ next Saturday or let me know and I can Paypal it to them...

Random Doubles at noon tomorrow @ Taylor Mountain. Ace Pool: $185

Random doubles tomorrow at noon @ Taylor Creek. Ace pool $184

Well, we had to cancel the Ace Race that was going to be held tomorrow but we
will still have the Halloween edition or Random Doubles at Taylor Mountain at noon tomorrow. See you there.
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