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Reality is a poor substitute for a good fantasy!
Reality is a poor substitute for a good fantasy!


Reminder: We have ended the season for the Crane Creek Handicap singles.

We have also moved the Taylor Mountain Random doubles to Saturdays @ 12 noon, so there are no mid-week weeklies at either course. This is because the parks close at sunset and with a 5pm start we can not finish by that time.

The Taylor Mountain Ace Race is open for registration on Disc Golf Scene. The Race will be held on Saturday October 28th at 10am. We must have 15 participants to hold this event.

The tournament schedule for the 8th Steve Werner Memorial has been posted on Disc Golf Scene.

Random Doubles @ Taylor Mtn today @ 5:15pm. Ace Pool $148

Random Doubles 5:15pm today @ Taylor Mountain.

Entering final days to pre-reg for the Steve Werner Memorial One Day on September 16. See DiscGolf Scene to signup!

Handicap Singles today @ Crane Creek. Tee-off no later than 5:15pm.

It is beginning to get dark earlier which signals that our season is coming to an end. We generally suspend singles and move
doubles to the weekend but it is open to discussion. Let's talk about it!

There will be no Random Doubles @ Taylor today. It's going to be a loong weekend. We will also be changing the time because it is now getting dark e

Cancellation notice: Handicap Singles Creekly on 8-22. Preparing
for the Stafford Lake Tournament.

Random Doubles today @ 5:30pm @ Taylor Mountain. Ace Pool $12

Random Doubles today at Taylor Mountain @ 5:30pm. Ace Pool $109

Today at the Creekly. Handicap Singles 5:30pm @ Crane. Had no one last week. This week??
Don't forget about the Steve Werner Memorial.
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