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EM Houston
Reality is a poor substitute for a good fantasy!
Reality is a poor substitute for a good fantasy!


Random Doubles tomorrow @ Taylor Mountain at Noon. Ace Pool $203...

Leif Ludwig and Christian Holbrook were our first place winners at Taylor Doubles today! They take home $12 each and we have their winnings. They can either pick up their $$ next Saturday or let me know and I can Paypal it to them...

Random Doubles at noon tomorrow @ Taylor Mountain. Ace Pool: $185

Random doubles tomorrow at noon @ Taylor Creek. Ace pool $184

Well, we had to cancel the Ace Race that was going to be held tomorrow but we
will still have the Halloween edition or Random Doubles at Taylor Mountain at noon tomorrow. See you there.

Just finished Random Doubles at the Taylor Mountain course. The course is open and in good shape.

Crane Creek is currently closed by Parks. The course is undamaged with the exception of a bench near hole 5 and a section of the back fence. Both were at the edge of the Pressley fire and were scorched. The gate is still locked because needed personnel are a little busy at this time. We expect it to reopen soon.

Both Stafford Lake and Luchessi Park are untouched and latest reports say Lake Sonoma has also escaped damage.

We would like to express our appreciation to the members of the disc golf community for their concern and support. Many have made contributions for course maintenance and damage repair. We received several large contributions today (one of $100 and several for $20) to help in recovery. We presently have 12 baskets whose status is in question and these funds will be used in projects like these.

If you would like to make a contribution to help support our local disc golf courses, you can do so on our website (, by donating at one of our activities.

Packing up for Random Doubles @ Taylor. Air quality much improved. Be my first day outdoors since fires started.

Random Doubles tomorrow at 12 noon at Taylor! Ace Pool $164. Parks are back open and the fires are at bay, so let's go out and throw!

The 2017 UFOS Ace Race that was to have been held October 28 @ Tayor Mountain has been canceled!

Saturday Random Doubles @ Taylor Mountain is canceled due to the incredibly poor air quality. Hard to play a round in stuff like that. Hopefully, by next weekend the fires will be under control and atmosphere will improve.
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