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Club Socials
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Club Socials
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Hello Edgebrook members,

Just sending you a reminder that our club's Halloween party is just 3 days away. Have you had a chance to sign up? If not, you can sign up in person, call or email the front desk to sign up.

Don't miss out. There will be a tennis exhibition featuring our new teaching assistant, Andjela and other former professional players. Follow by our favorite past times at Edgebrook: tennis + food. I bet you can't think of a better way to spend your Friday night!

Come as you are or in costumes. See you Friday night.

TRICK or TREAT - Halloween Party, Friday, 10/23

Hey fellow Edgebrook members, just 10 more days until the Halloween Party. Don't forget to sign up at the front desk (or call to sign up). There will be a tennis exhibition featuring our teaching assistant, Angela as well as former professional players.
Come as yourself or in costume. This event won't be the same without you.

When: Friday, 8/14
Time: 5:30 pm to 7:30 pm
Cost: Varies, court fees & tennis balls will be divided equally among the participants

Hi everyone,
Please sign up for this new social event at the club. It will take place on the 2nd Friday of each month. Please call the front desk to sign up at least 48 hours prior to the event.

You can sign up with a partner or by yourself. Once I know how many are attending, I will send out a food/drink list. Please come even if you don't plan to play tennis. Just sit back and hang out at the club with us.

Please be patient as we work out the kinks but the most important thing is for you to sign up :-)

See you on 8/14.


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Edgebrook Orcas

Pool Closures
Date                        Description
06/01/2015           Lap Lane Closed for Maintenance
                                No Swim Team Practice
06/05/2015           Swim team time trials
06/18/2015           All day for swim meet
06/23/2015           Swim meet at 3:30 pm
06/28/2015           Deep end closed at 5 pm for Orca Family Night
07/02/2015           Swim meet at 3:30 pm
07/09/2015           Swim meet at 3:30 pm
07/17/2015           7 pm for B Champs setup
07/18/2015           Closed until 4 pm for B Champs
08/21/2015           Deep end closed all day


To all Edgebrook members and staff,

You will notice a poster board with 8 club brochure samples by the front desk, next to the US Open posters. The Communication Committee is in the process of redesigning our club brochure. We would like to know which of these 8 club brochure sample(s) you like. Please don’t worry about the content and focus on the following 2 areas:

1)  Touch the paper. Which paper stock do you like?
2) Do you the brochure in black & white or in color?

Please put a check mark or tally mark directly on the sample(s) you like. Thank you so much for your help and please email us with comments or suggestions at

Registration for Little Orcas
In an effort to ensure that we offer a safe and fun experience for all of our swim team members this summer, registration has been closed for the Little Orcas, 8U and 9-10 age groups. Any athletes over the age of 11 with interest in participating will need permission from the coaching staff before registering this season.

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