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Which phone should I choose?
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Samsung Galaxy S8
Google Pixel XL

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This will be extra useful at home.
Sweet! Google's OnHub WiFi router now supports Philips Hue!

You know that whole build two of everything because we can strategy that Google seems to unknowingly or knowingly do? Well, it's happening again. Google's OnHub now is officially a smart home device, being able to control Philips Hue lights. And, in the very near future when Google Home launches, it, too, is a smart home device.

Random complaints aside, this is pretty damn cool. I almost wish I had an OnHub, but my Nighthawk works fine and I see zero need to side-grade until OnHub supports AC3200 in a future model.

Congrats OnHub users!

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oh snap, will probably have to start watching this.
#TheVampireDiaries taps 'Warehouse 13' alum @allisonscag for recurring role: #TVD 🌟

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Awesomeness, now I know what I'll be listening on the way home.
A new episode of Android Intelligence -- featuring Nova Launcher developer +Kevin Barry and Action Launcher developer +Chris Lacy!

One show, two developers! Some great discussion here about how a couple of Android's best and most beloved launchers came to be -- plus some broader chit-chat about what it actually takes to make a living from Android, what sorts of challenges you run into as an independent developer on the platform, and the good and bad of Google's ongoing changes to the software.

The fellas also shared some interesting thoughts on the future of Android and how Google might eventually pivot its strategy for the operating system (hint: It involves bringing even more consistency to the core user experience, but not in the way you might think).

So what are you waiting for? Come hang out with us already. More info and everything you need to stream or download is at the link below.

(My thanks to +Swappa for sponsoring this episode!)

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+GTrusted is a relatively new consumer review site, but I highly recommend you guys follow them (they've been super active on G+ this month especially!)

They're focused on a lot of today's newest technology including many many #USB   #TypeC  that I haven't gotten my hands on yet, but they also focus on interoperability, and making sure that popular products work well with one another.

The people behind GTrusted also have their roots in electrical engineering and test equipment, so they do a deeper dive that other consumer electronics sites would do. You wouldn't see Engadget or The Verge post an USB PD analyzer trace for a charger, but +GTrusted would!


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