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I officially hate Asurion... I am not getting my phones insured by them ever again.
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Punks won't answer my questions. Horrible customer service. I ask them if I can sign electronically and they say "all the instructions are in the website." Then I tell them that I know, but the website says nothing about signing electronically and sending pictures of my ID instead of a scanned copy. She just repeats the same thing (literally). 

They want me to do an affidavit and fax them shit. Print stuff and write on it. I understand it is for security, but can't they accomodate a little? I mean at least answer my questions like they are not a robot. I haven't owned a printer/scanner in years. 

I just want to file my god damn claim!
Then I get upset when I can't talk to a real-life person. But hey, at least I know the virtual operator can't help but to give me a limited amount of options and answers. 
Honestly, I wouldn't be so upset if they wanted me to do it their way. I understand there are politics involved. What really got me is the lack of help. I mean she should have at least told me if it wasn't possible, not just give me an answer that pretty much avoids my question. 
I can understand where you're coming from. These companies have strict policies. The broken part about Asurion's system is that they don't sell anything to their customers, the phone company's sales reps do, so Asurion has no incentive to provide quality customer service. They probably make the process difficult in order to discourage fraud attempts.
Yeah definitely. I mean, they have their rules and I can totally understand that. All I wanted was an answer though. If she had straight up told me it wasn't possible to do it the way I suggested, I would have been fine.

I guess I will have to look for someone that will let me borrow the equipment for a few minutes. lol. 
I get pissed off anytime a company requests me to fax something. No one under 30 that lives on their own has a fax at home. Let alone a land line to hook it up to, right?
I haven't owned a printer, or had a phone line in years... It is pretty much obsolete technology (at least for people like us). You would think a company that deals with SMARTPHONE insurances would have some options. lol. 
Are there third party phone insurers?  There have to be, right?
Yeah, a bunch of them. I have heard SquareTrade is awesome. You can also get the one from Best Buy if you buy the phone from them. Those are just a couple. 
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