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Edel O'Mahony
Untangling the Myth - Where Science and Spirituality Meet
Untangling the Myth - Where Science and Spirituality Meet

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Writer, Director and Producer Bill Lae, sent this testimonial for my book 'Untangling the Myth - Where Science and Spirituality Meet'.

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'Professor Jo Barraket, who has conducted a comprehensive study of social entrepreneurship says the key factor driving today’s social entrepreneurs is their mindset: “They are amazing at turning their head sideways and seeing value in something no one else can see value in – and finding a business model to extract that value.”


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The endless search in external material acquisitions
to find happiness,
will never bring you back
to the peace and tranquillity already within you.
When you remember what you are
beyond the sum of the body,
you realize the truth of you,
timeless , limitless, whole and complete.
Your awareness of your connection to all
comes with IN-sight and self inquiry
Awakening - remembering - BEing
© Edel O'Mahony

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'SoGive, an Edinburgh-based social enterprise that is attempting to improve the transparency of charitable donations is all set to launch this year after receiving six-figure funding.
SoGive will have in-built formulae and analytics to let donors see the change they’re making in the world in terms like “I funded the distribution of 30 malaria nets in Africa”, not just “I gave £100 to charity”.' - Austin Clark

Social enterprise aims to boost transparency of charity donations:

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Those who are members of Kindle Unlimited can still get 3 of my books for free
21 Steps to Confidence
Attracting Your Perfect Partner
7 Systems to Success
You can also purchase ' Untangling the Myth - Where Science and Spirituality Meet' in paperback and Kindle .
Check out my author page and links to all books:

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'WestRock announced a partnership between the Nature Conservancy and WestRock Foundation for two conservation projects in Southeast Virginia and along the Cumberland Plateau in Tennessee.
The WestRock Foundation’s funding in Virginia will help the Nature Conservancy to establish conservation easements over 10,000 acres of forestland along the Nottoway River and nearby Big Woods Conservation Area. '

WestRock partners with the Nature Conservancy in two conservation projects in the US:

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'Monash University researchers have discovered the mechanism underlying the fainting disorder, Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome (POTS), the condition famously affecting the former lead singer of The Wiggles.
Professor Sam El-Osta and then PhD student Abdul Waleed Khan have revealed that the problem has an epigenetic, rather than genetic, basis.'

Fainting Disorder Mechanism Identified:

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'The brain hosts an extraordinarily complex network of interconnected nerve cells that are constantly exchanging electrical and chemical signals at speeds difficult to comprehend. Now, scientists at Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis report they have been able to achieve — with a custom-built microscope — the closest view yet of living nerve synapses.'

A Closer Look at a Living Nerve Synapse:

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