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Eddy Chong
loves pool, loves food, loves photographs
loves pool, loves food, loves photographs

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Patching VMware vCenter Server Appliance 6.0 U1 to 6.0 Update 1b
I've upgraded my lab from vSphere 5.5 to vSphere 6.0 last year and then patched to Update 1 few months ago. Since Update 1b has been released, I've decided to patch my lab today. The first component we need to patch always the vCenter server, in this case I...

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Malacca-Segamat Trip 2009...
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The Human Impact

As a photographer that is tasked with documenting life on this planet, there are many things that I come across on my travels that leave me disgusted, depressed and in a bad mood. This image below is one of those scenes. While I did not take this photo, I can relate, having seen similar dumping sites while diving in various regions of our beautiful oceans.



For everyone that wants a little backstory:

"In 1972, a nonprofit group came up with a brilliant idea: Create a three-mile-long artificial reef off the South Florida coast using 2 million old tires. Goodyear donated the rubber, Broward County forked over the funds, and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers signed off. The plan quickly went to hell, however. Coral didn't grow on the tires. Fish didn't flock to the rubber reef. Then the tires began coming loose, crashing around in the current and destroying natural reefs nearby. The environmental effort became an ecological disaster."

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nice one
Google+1歲慶~ 用攝影+後製創作出潑漆Logo

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TQ TMNET for providing such service, being 94th in the world rank.
The true internet speed in Malaysia thanks to Telekom Malaysia! We're being ranked 94th in the world (so much for being world class) way behind such 3rd world countries (that we don't want to belong to anymore) like no 40 Mongolia, No 47 Vietnam (their internet speed is 2.5x faster than ours!), No 50 Kyrgyzstan, No 52 Faroe Islands, No 56 Saint Pierre and Miquelon, No 62 Thailand, No 66 Kazakstan (even Borat has internet which is 2x faster than ours!), No 67 Ethiopia, No 74 Greenland (ice-cold but internet is better than in hot Malaysia), No 75 Angola (they don't even have water the whole day), No 77 Ghana, No 87 Papua New Guinea, No 88 Kenya and No 92 Tajikistan.

Dear Najib, you want to achieve your 2020 goals with an internet speed so far behind these 3rd world countries?

#broadband   #malaysia   #thirdworld   #thirdworldproblems   #telekommalaysia   #unify   #najib   #twentytwenty  

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wow never seen this before!
This is crazy!  Check this out!
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