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like Schodinger's Cat I am alive and not.
like Schodinger's Cat I am alive and not.

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Been away from here for about 6 months. App was slow, and the website was even worse. App is still slow but site is looking and responding faster now. So I might be posting commenting more here. I like the open mindedness of people here and missed that. Friendly and smart doesn't translate well when the site you are reading takes forever to load.

Hello all, has anyone else gotten the Lollipop update for The Life one?
Soon as I got it, I had several problems.
Says I have no sim card in, but will make and receive phone calls.
MMS keeps breaking and I have to reenter my ans about once a week.
When I charge it to full and I have the green light, after I unplug it will not detect battery level till I reboot.

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OpenShot 2.0.6 (Beta 3) Video Editor for Mac, Windows and Linux Released!

If you are interested in trying out OpenShot 2.0, you are in luck! For the first time ever, they are releasing the beta installers to everyone, so feel free to grab a copy and check it out!

Animations are now silky smooth because of improved anti-aliasing support in the libopenshot compositing engine. Zooming, panning, and rotation all benefit from this change.

A new autosave engine has been built for OpenShot 2.0, and it’s fast, simple to configure, and will automatically save your project at a specific interval (if it needs saving). Check the Preferences to be sure it’s enabled (it will default to enabled for new users).

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The obligatory sleeping cat picture for ‪#‎Caturday‬ ‪#‎Unix‬ ‪#‎Linux‬ ‪#‎Geekhumor‬ ‪#‎Humour‬ ‪#‎Sysadmin‬ ‪#‎Ubuntu‬

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Got a chance at picking up one or two scooters, at this time I have none, but according to my doctor I won't be able to ride for at least a year.
Had major surgery back in September and my balance is still messed up. Should I go ahead a pick up a scooter again or should I wait until I know I will be able to ride again. The doc said my balance may never come back.

I just want to ride again I miss so much. Drunk driver's insurance doesn't cover the non-material stuff.
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