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Now that it's below $100 I picked up a Logitech Revue last night (aka "Google TV box").

There are a few minor annoyances, but so far I'm liking it. Being able to hang out on Twitter, G+, or just surf the web while having tv running in a corner is nice. The netflix client is ok, and the amazon instant video client is essentially just browsing their site and then playing full screen so very good actually.

Napster integrates well, as does Crackle. The web browser works fine, and is surprisingly readable even from about 10 feet away from a 52" TV. It's a tad sluggish compared to most computers or laptops but not horrible. I did manage to crash it once by trying to use Google Docs of all things. It did work fine the next time, but rather funny their own site was the one to bring things to a screeching halt.

Controlling my TiVo through it is rather rudimentary, and I really wished the Logitech wireless keyboard worked on TiVo search menus and such as a full keyboard rather than just up/down/left/right/select menu navigation. But, it does the basics fine.

The companion Harmony app for Android gives more remote control capabilities for your TV, AV receiver, and DVR, and is a good option to have. The included keyboard is a bit small but is light and pleasant to type on once I got used to the closer keys. I like the touchpad in the upper right, though I wish you could permanently enable the tap-to-click on it. (Otherwise there's a button in the upper left to trigger the equivalent of a mouse click). You can also use a two or three finger gesture to scroll up or down, but it's pretty much laggy & unusable until the page has fully loaded. A few other dedicated keys are well layed-out overall and are pleasant to use.

For the original $300 I would not have been happy, but for $100? Definitely a fun little gadget that feels worth having, if only as another enabler for those who like to combine TV and social networking addictions. :-)

If anyone is interested in further details feel free to ask...
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very nice review Eddie. I'd agree, I've wanted a Google TV but not for $300, especially considering the reviews. Is yours updated to the latest chrome version, I forget what the release schedule was, I think they were going to sync it with the chrome OS versioning.
The honeycomb update is not out yet, if that's what you're thinking of, but it did an update when I first hooked it up. Didn't check Chrome version tho. Will tonight... :)
Oh, ya that's it, I wasn't sure if it was Android or Chrome OS, guess it's Android considering the honeycomb reference. Weird Honeycomb isn't out yet, they were talking it up at Google IO way back in May.
Does it have any sort of subscription TV offerings? Like where I could pay per episode/season to stream currently airing shows?
+patrick neville A nearby Best Buy had a bunch of 'em. +Paul Dawson I don't think Hulu works with them, and it does not have an iTunes/Zune style store to purchase from. Since YouTube is a Google property it DOES work well with that!
Big fan of the Revue - even without Honeycomb or Android Market. Got Revue/Google TV instead of Apple TV because of the full keyboard, but the best part about it for me is HD video calling with the 720p TV Cam. Just bought a 2nd Revue & camera for my wife and son, who are temporarily on the other coast. Other big screen HD video calling solutions cost more.
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