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I really hope LG will help kickstart modular designing into our modern era. The possibilities of this if it were open source would be amazing to see and have, provided that everything has a good stability.
#LG #G5 #modular

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Wow, this was a super interesting read.

"When you get high you transcend the ego, you get above the ego. When you are high you can see people operating on this level and you can see where you have been operating on this level also. You are given an objective view, as opposed to a subjective view. And that is the great beauty and great value of getting high."
"I think everyone should get high and I think that Vladimir Putin should drop acid"

I won't drill a hole in my skull but certainly agree that it would be a good idea for a lot of, uhm, uptight folks, to try some acid. Or mushrooms, or peyote. Hallucinogenics are rather different from addictive drugs like alcohol or heroin in that they can really give you some interesting insights.

Of course, instead of using drugs, you can induce similar hallucinations by going into a desert and not eating/drinking. Or dancing for hours. Some people have it by themselves. All these things, besides hallucinogenics, have been used by religions and resulted in the books many consider holy these days ;-)

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Seems like things have come full circle. Happy #PiDay.
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