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I sure wouldn't mind a #tour of #walking #paths of the #world...
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Eddie Thornton

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Some of these take years to accomplish. Then, sometimes when you think you have one, you have to start all over again. #Happy #Change
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Eddie Thornton

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Went for a walk on the #beach and found this little fella headed for the highway. #Crab rescue! It was surprisingly tricky, trying to carry it back to the #ocean while not getting pinched!
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Eddie Thornton

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The season premier of #GameofThrones seemed kind of "business as usual". #disappointed
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Eddie Thornton

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Welcome to #sanfrancisco! Enjoying a birthday on the town, beginning with a #ferry ride.
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Eddie Thornton

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Excellent thoughts from +George Kao. Worth reading, and a necessary share.
Have you seen business/marketing coaches selling this idea:

"Make more money so you can help more people!"...


"Help more people and make more money!"...

Beware of this line of thinking.

★ Reason 1. Money has a corrupting influence. ★

Here's why: you're a human being.  

Money is inextricably connected to our core human yearnings for Security, Prestige (being accepted & loved), and Pleasure.  Security, prestige, pleasure... these are often subconscious .  When money is involved, our idealism gets intertwined with our deep needs for security and prestige, and our wants for pleasure.  

As we make money, we keep feeling how it benefits our own personal security, prestige, and pleasure, whether we are consciously aware of this or not.  

The constant seeking after money corrupts every idealist.  

☛ There are 2 ways out of this mental slavery:

(a) Awareness of our own corruptibility -- how easy it is for us to stray, to be distracted, the daily need to remember higher or deeper truths.

(b) Practices such as:
---reading stuff to remind us (like this post!)
---regular spiritual practices (meditation, prayer, journaling)
---being with others who help us become more aware and awake
---continual vigilance through regular reminders (I have a to-do item that is set to pop up everyday to remind me to "Redefine success.")

★ Reason 2. You don't need "more" money to help lots of people. ★

You just need enough money.   (How do get enough money? I'll share on this later.)  To help lots of people what you most need is TIME, COMPASSION, and ACTION.  

Compassion naturally arises from engaging with others who need your help.  

The more action you take with higher intentions, the more you grow in your ability to help others.  

You don't need more money to help people.  You need enough money to live simply (and to have internet access!)  

Here's how you can help lots of people for free or low cost: SHARE FREELY on the internet what you have learned in life.  It doesn't cost you a penny more if a thousand more people read your posts on Google+ or Facebook, or if they watch more of your Youtube videos.  It costs you nothing.  

☛ And remember this — what may seem obvious to you is actually LIFE-CHANGING to some other people.  For example, what I've written in this post is "obvious" to me, but for some people it is really an "aha!" moment.  Truly, you don't know how you affect others.  

For every "like" you get, every comment, every share, how many more people saw that post, were influenced by it, but never took the time to let you know?  Many more.  

You don't have to figure out how many people are being helped by you.  *All you are called to do is to share what you've learned freely.*  

Post your advice, your tips, your observations.  Do this on Google+ (like I'm doing now) or other social media like Facebook.  Or start a blog on or  None of that takes money!  Or create YouTube videos.  (As an example, I uploaded 70 free training videos last year — .)     You cannot even imagine how many people will be helped if you do this.

When you feed someone, they are full for a meal, then hungry again.  

When you share your advice and empower them to feed themselves, they are changed for a lifetime.

And then they can go onto help others.   Don't wait.  Start helping now.  You don't need to make more money first.  Start now even for 5 minutes: share a piece of advice, a tip, a lesson you've learned.  Share something might be helpful, even if it's "obvious" to you.  It's the "world wide web" -- your sharing is making an impact on that web, and you cannot see how far the ripple goes.  

The biggest help you can give to others is to influence their minds, uplift their hearts, and help shift their behaviors toward a wiser and more compassionate life.  Start today.  

You don't have to feel "ready."  *None of us are ready.*  Those of us who share, just keep sharing, and over time, we become proficient at it.  Just start simply.  Even share just 1 sentence.

The question remains: "how to have enough money, so you can have time to help people?"

That's coming in the next post.  This post is long enough!  If you want something quickly see my resources here:

Stop reading and start sharing now :)

#inspiration   #generosity   #makemoney   #makeadifference  
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You're very welcome!
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Eddie Thornton

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What does it take for you to unfollow a brand?
Why Do People Unfollow Brands?
1) Too Much Self-Promotional or Uninteresting Content
2) Overuse of Automated Messaging or Lack of Personal Engagement
3) Improper Use of Hashtags
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Eddie Thornton

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I've recently had several conversations with friends who live outside of #California who've asked me about the #drought. They have a hare time visualizing it. Words seldom do it justice. On my #ride to #Lake Berryessa the other day I had the opportunity to capture some images help:
In the first two pics the #water level is supposed to be up to where the trees are. That's roughly a 25 ft drop (guesstimate). In the third pic of Lake Berryessa proper, which is about 15mi x 3mi, that "island" in the middle of the pic should have water up to the tree line as well. There is no sign of improvement.
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Eddie Thornton

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Eddie Thornton

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One of my favorite #paintings: The more you look at it, the less you find. John Singer Sargent's portrait of Lady Agnew Lochnaw. Now at the de Young #museum.
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Eddie Thornton

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The more things change, the more they stay the same. #inequality
In 1972 a man with a degree aged 25-34 earned 22% more than a man without. Today, it's 70%
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Eddie Thornton

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I just took a bag of garbage out to the dumpster. Just as I tossed it towards the bin I glanced inside and saw this. It actually, for a nanosecond, terrified me. #creepy
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Making the world a better place, starting with myself.
Social media marketing professional, artist, writer, and motorcycle fanatic, Chicago native.
Bragging rights
I have had the great fortune to have run several very successful small businesses in various sectors.
  • San Francisco State University
    Social Media Marketing, 2011 - 2011
  • American Academy of Art
    Computer Graphics, 1998
Social Media Marketing, management, consulting,
Setting up social media profiles, creating campaigns, generating reports, measuring metrics. Creating strategies and tactics.
  • Fiverr
    Social Media Management Consultant, 2013 - present
    Social media management, monitoring, response, engagement, and moderation for Fiverr's various channels including; blog, forum, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and Google+.
  • Stanford University
    Social Media Manager, Graphic Designer. Contractor, 2011
    Social Media Marketing for Stanford’s Dining and Hospitality. • Content Creation and Management for campaigns for 12 campus dining establishments using; Twitter, Facebook, HootSuite. • Created and produced video for YouTube, and photography for Facebook. • Designed, produced and coordinated sales and marketing materials for each location.
  • Cisco Systems
    Social Media Coordinator
    Social Media Coordinator, maintaining Cisco’s Collaboration social media community of over 280k, with one other person (supervisor). Executing social media strategy: Writing/composing, identifying and developing relevant content. Managing editorial calendar. Social media monitoring; Analytics, metrics and response. Daily postings; Responding, and channel management across Facebook and Twitter using Sprinklr, Digital Asset Manager (DAM), Radian6. Organizing and managing amplification requests. • Responsible for organizing and maintaining extensive social media calendar • Responsible for writing posts and composing engagement, responses for social media channels • Monitoring, listening, insights, analysis, tracking, monitoring, metrics, sentiment • Composing various reports and suggesting tactical adjustments to messaging and posting
  • Sgrouples
    Social Media Strategist, and C.O.O., 2012 - 2013
    Social Media Strategist, Marketing, Management, and Operations for this startup, from the ground up. Developed social media channels with while managing a virtual company that has teams in five countries. Developed/mentored associates on social media management and relationship-building. Developed branding and corporate Identity • Develop and implement social media strategy, and tactics for the startup Sgrouples • Content Creation and Management for social media campaigns; Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, Pinterest, and Instagram using Hootsuite, and SproutSocial • Blogging, response, blog and article feedback • Promoted social media engagement
  • Red Hot Topic
    Part owner, 2003 - 2007
    Part-owner of this early-vision social media, company. Growing from an online bulletin board for news and discussion of entertainment media to marketing and promotion, e-commerce, we then integrate bulletin board software and mobile devices. This expanded into campaigns for the 2nd season runner-up Clay Aiken and his first CD release; acknowledge by the singer and industry professionals alike as an effective fan-based marketing system. The website gained over 35k registered subscribers within approximately four months, earning an average of $6,000 monthly in fees sans advertising. • Promoted Clay Aiken’s first CD, Invisible; by hosting an International CD release party, which included Tower Records, Virgin Records, and Walmart. This included coordination with the record company to provide enough CD’s supplied to the company’s for the opening. We organized 50 stores nationally and 67 worldwide including England, Germany, Singapore, Canada, Brazil, Spain, Italy and France to open their doors to thousands of fans. In addition, Krispy Kreme donuts, a favorite of the artist, agreed to supply U.S. cities in their major markets free donuts for the line of people waiting for hours at the retail outlets for the midnight opening. • TV Guide television did a major interview on Red Hot Topic which ran for several weeks throughout North America. • CD release parties were hosted and coordinated through my team at Red Hot Topic. Clay Aiken made an appearance in our Los Angeles party where we had media from three major news sources that ran prime-time reports on the parties and his presence. A combined reported sale of over 250k U.S. for the midnight opening was reported helping to push Clay Aiken’s first CD to Platinum Record status. • TECHNOLOGY: We worked with a bulletin board software company to bring new technology-enhancing online communication. Pre-Twitter, and pre-Facebook we worked with similar software that would allow direct post to the board from cell phone texting; the first bulletin board to use social media in such a large scale at the time. • CHARITY: We have used the attention of our audience to create pins for charity. A Katrina Hurricane Red Cross relief pin brought in thousands which 100% was given to the disaster relief; including a pin specifically for the SPCA rescue for Katrina’s furry victims, and the Humane Society.
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